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Where to Experience Local Music and Dance Around the World

Have you always wanted to learn the traditional tribal songs and dances of Africa? Or maybe you’ve finally mustered up the courage to test your tango skills in Latin America? Some of the most meaningful takeaways from your travels can be found in the music and dances from local cultures, and at JG Black Book, our Collection Members offer some of the most authentic experiences around the globe. Read on to see how our properties dance to the beat of their own drums.


Volcanoes Safaris 

Experience magic at Volcanoes Safaris Virunga Lodge and Mount Gahinga Lodge with the Intore Dance Troupe and Batwa Dance Group. The Intore Dance Troupe, made up of 24 dancers and two dance trainers, perform the traditional Rwandan ballet called The Intore or “The Heroes”. The Intore is based on the victory dance of the Rwandan Mwami (kings), and being selected as an Intore in times of old was a great honor. Those chosen would receive a privileged education, intensive combat training and held a high status within the court. Today, the dancers use traditional weapons such as spears and bows, wear brightly colored clothing and long flowing white hairpieces.

The Batwa Dance Group at Mount Gahinga Lodge performs weekly for the local community, drawing in huge crowds of children who watch with awe and excitement. Their performances are an important way to integrate the Batwa with the local communities. Guests staying at the lodge are invited to experience these performances and are encouraged to join in with the Batwa groups’ song and dance.


The Elewana Collection  

At Elewana Tarangire Treetops, an unforgettable cultural experience awaits! During your stay, get the chance to visit an authentic Maasai Village, where its varying age of inhabitants offers a warm welcome and an eagerness to give guests an inside look at their lives. Upon entering the village, guests are welcomed by the Maasai women to traditional song and dance that is sure to delight. The Masai villagers will then teach you the famous dance, Adumu, also known as the “jumping dance”. The belief amongst the villagers is that the higher the young Maasai men can jump, the more appealing they are to the Maasai women. To test their abilities and show off their skills, the young Maasai men stand in a circle and jump to the sounds of a low humming chorus and song. You’ll leave the village with an unforgettable experience and return home with a piece of East Africa that will be instilled in your hearts forever.


Azura Retreats

At Azura Benguerra Island, you don’t have to leave the hotel to experience the local culture – it comes to you. And every Saturday evening, the Rainbow Fund kids’ band gathers on the beach in front of the hotel to entertain the guests with their traditional song and dance. The enthusiasm of the children is so infectious that guests can’t help but kick off their shoes and join in on the fun. You’ll be dancing on the beach barefoot to the beat of the drums! It’s a true cultural experience that crosses any language barrier and enables people from the different worlds to connect with each other.


Casa Sur Reloceta 

Originating from the streets of 18th century Buenos Aires, the tango is one of the most influential and famous dances in modern history. When guests stay at CasaSur Recoleta and walk the surrounding historical streets, it’s not too hard to stumble upon classic tango or milonga shows being danced in the historical squares and streets of the city.

If you want to move your feet, La Catedral del Tango, located in the Almagro neighborhood, is a unique destination dating back to the 1800’s. Every day of the week from 6 pm on, visitors and tourists are encouraged to show off their dancing skills and take to the dance floor. For guests looking to test the tango waters, La Viruta, in the Palermo neighborhood, promises that you’ll enter walking and leave dancing! As the day turns to night and their dance party takes place, it’s a chance to take what you learned and put it into motion on the dance floor. If you’d rather sit back, relax and watch others do the dancing, the Gala Tango at Monserrat historic neighborhood offers dinner and a show with a large display of dancers and singers on stage with a live band. It’s quite the Argentinian experience!