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Volcanoes Safaris Celebrates Gorillas and Communities

Praveen Moman, the founder of Volcanoes Safaris, first went walking near Gahinga in 1966 aged twelve with his father Kuldip Rai Moman. Over thirty years later, in 1997 he returned to the region to help rebuild gorilla tourism and the following year started to build Mount Gahinga Lodge, the first Volcanoes Safaris lodge. Those were difficult days in the aftermath of the genocide and upheaval in the Great Lakes region. Today Mount Gahinga Lodge is a much-loved jewel and symbolizes the connection of Volcanoes lodges with communities and conservation.

It is the perfect base to go gorilla tracking, track the rare golden monkey, climb a volcano, walk through local villages and most of all to share the culture of the Batwa. In May 2018 the VSPT launched the Gahinga Batwa Village, a permanent settlement for over 100 members of the Gahinga Batwa community. From October the lodge will have a direct private footpath to the entrance of the Mgahinga National Park.



To mark the centenary of Kuldip Rai Moman’s birth, a film entitled, “Celebrating Gorillas and Communities,” has been released highlighting the work of Volcanoes Safaris since 1997. Watch the full film and join Volcanoes Safaris in celebrating their history, efforts in gorilla conservation, and supporting the local communities, by clicking here.