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Unwind with the Best Cups of Coffee Around the World

It doesn’t matter if you’re at work or on vacation – nothing hits the spot like a good cup of joe. For all of our fellow coffee enthusiasts, we at JG Black Book have put together a list of our favorite coffee spots around the globe. Whether you journey on a coffee plantation tour where you can learn the “bean-to-cup” process or enjoy some java on a machan where you can watch the Indian jungle come to life in the morning twilight, our clients offer all kinds of aromatic experiences – you can’t go wrong with any of these top coffee spots!


Condor Travel

What better place to enjoy an exquisite cup of coffee than in the coffee capital of the world, Colombia? The country is famously known for producing some of the best beans on Earth and when you dive deeper into its unique territory, you can find one-of-a-kind places where a cup of joe is so much more than just a delicious hot beverage. Take Café San Alberto, for example. Located in Buenavista in the beautiful Quindio province, the coffee ‘Hacienda’ offers a truly sensational experience, where sight, taste and smell come together to help you discover the magnificent essence of a cup of Colombian coffee. San Alberto’s delicious brew is the product of an intricate selection process, where the best coffee beans are manually selected by experts to create a superb product, with unrivaled taste and aromas. No need to wait any longer – start planning your next adventure and head on over to this bona fide coffee lover’s paradise with Condor Travel.


The Ultimate Travelling Camp

In the past, hunting in India was conducted while sitting on a machan – a platform in a tree overlooking a body of water or a hunting trail. Today, this is the best place to enjoy a cup of steaming hot coffee at the Jaagir Lodge in Dudhwa, India while watching the jungle come to life in the morning twilight. The high rise wooden machan has a tin roof and can accommodate a table of four. It has a commanding 360 degree view of the tree top horizon, where wild animals can be heard congregating beneath. Be on the lookout for the fluttering prinias and munias, the screeching Rose-ringed parakeets, the ever jovial Weaver birds and a parliament of Hooting Jungle and Spotted Owlets, among many others.


Micato Safaris

“World’s Best Coffee” is a cliché of sorts  ̶ you can see the phrase emblazoned on neon signs in coffee shop windows around the world  ̶ but there’s a special place on Buitenkant Street in Cape Town that really has been voted the world’s best coffee shop two years in a row by the Daily Telegraph: Truth Coffee Roasting. Micato has been bringing visitors here for a long time during visits to Cape Town. When Micato guests explore the cosmopolitan city on foot, taking in the area’s museums, galleries, markets, and other sights, they enjoy stopping in at Truth Coffee for the superb drinks as well as the “sexy steampunk” atmosphere.



Elewana Collection

Located inside the Burka Coffee Plantation, the Elewana Arusha Coffee Lodge is a welcome retreat after a long international flight. Amidst the coffee trees and lush gardens, the main building is warm and welcoming with a coffee theme running throughout. Meaning “coffee” in Swahili, Kahawa is a delightful gourmet cafe selling freshly brewed coffee and daily home-baked pastries to go or to be enjoyed on Kahawa’s shady terrace. Guests can also embark on a coffee tour of the surrounding plantation and learn about the “bean-to-cup” process. The tour ends with a coffee tasting of Burka plantation’s own exquisite coffee blends – perfect for all coffee enthusiasts and curious guests.


The Stafford London

There is no better place to relax with a cup of freshly brewed coffee in London than in the courtyard at The Stafford London. A private oasis, The Stafford Courtyard offers the ultimate escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. If the sun is not shining, guests can also relax and unwind by the open fireplace in hotel’s onsite restaurant, The Game Bird.


Global CommUnity

Life is full of firsts – and what better place to enjoy a first than in one of the biggest coffee cultures in the world, Italy? Savor the taste of an authentic cappuccino in one of Italy’s many cities during your travels, and make lasting memories in the process. We recommend Caffé Sant’Eustachio or Sciascia Caffé in Rome, Caffé Gilli or Caffé Rivoire in Florence, and Caffé Florian or Caffé Quadri in Venice.


CasaSur Recoleta Hotel

Of the wide range of classic stops in Buenos Aires, the most vibrant one is La Biela. This historic bar in the elegant neighborhood of La Recoleta maintains its status as a cultural hub with lots of “regulars,” while also catering to visitors. This local spot is unmistakably elegant and boasts a cosmopolitan air. La Biela is Buenos Aires’s renowned coffee shop, not only for its history but also for its unparalleled decorations, facilities, location, and services.


The Chedi Muscat

Kick back and relax with a cup of traditional Omani coffee in The Chedi Muscat’s lobby lounge, where you can enjoy a panoramic view and a wide range of beverages with a modern twist. Qahwa, or Omani coffee, occupies a special place in Omani culture, with its easy preparation and accompanying traditions. To prepare a cup, just grind the roasted coffee beans and add cardamom according to your preference. There is a certain etiquette when serving Qahwa, whereas the person who serves the coffee has to follow some rules. In order not to disturb people while they are talking, the server must make a ticking noise by hitting the cup on the pot to attract the clients attention. The Chedi Muscat’s lobby lounge is a quintessential venue for social gatherings and business meetings, where guests can enjoy a cup of traditional coffee while listening to the harmonious music and enjoying the view of the gorgeously manicured gardens and the glittering waters of the Gulf of Oman.