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Travel Tuesday: Kensington Mini Battery Pack

As you may know, the iPhone is one of the best-selling phones in the United States. While some Americans are enamored with the latest iOS 7 platform, others have a love-hate relationship with their newly updated phones. Why? Because the battery drains so quickly! Luckily, the JG Black Book team has found a helpful new travel gadget that fixes this problem—the Kensington Mini Battery Pack.


Travelers have a large range of iPhone battery extender products to choose from; however, our favorite is the Kensington Mini Battery Pack, a lithium-polymer rechargeable.

The gadget snaps perfectly into the connector dock and indicates exactly how much charge it has left. That way, you will always know when your handy battery pack needs some more juice. It also comes with a retractable USB cables that prevents the gadget from getting tangled up with other cables.

Pricing starts at $50.00.

-the JG Black Book team