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Top Day Trip Excursions Around The Globe

Sometimes the best experiences and opportunities for adventure exist just beyond a destination, making for the perfect day trip. From an excursion to encounter exotic wildlife in a national park to a boat ride out to a nearly undiscovered coral reef, the possibilities for exploration are endless. So to help you narrow your quick trip bucket list, we’ve compiled the top “can’t miss” 1-day excursions offered by the JG Black Book Collection.


Tigre Delta in Argentina

With one of CasaSur’s stunning Buenos Aires, Argentina properties (CasaSur Bellini Hotel, CasaSur Palermo Hotel or CasaSur Recoleta Hotel) as your home base, your best day tour is a trip to the Tigre Delta. This tour goes to a city nearby, called Tigre, where different rivers connect and form islands. This tour leaves from Puerto Madero by boat, and after an enjoyable 45 minute ride, you will arrive in Tigre, where you can sail through the rivers and discover the islands and the surrounding environment. As your last stop before returning to Buenos Aires, you will get the chance to visit the “Mercado de Frutos”, where the locals sell beautiful, bespoke handmade goods. 


The Cotswolds | pc: Simon’s Jam Jar

For a trip just outside of London, The Stafford London recommends visits to Oxford, Blenheim Palace and the Cotswold Countryside. Enjoy the rolling hills of the Cotswolds and be enchanted by the honey colored stone buildings and the hamlets and villages. Oxford, home of England’s oldest and most famous University and known as the City of Dreaming Spires, attracts visitors from all parts of the world. Blenheim Palace is one of Britain’s most spectacular stately homes and also birthplace of Sir Winston Churchill.


Snorkeling Azura Benguerra’s famous two-mile reef

Welcome aboard Azura Benguerra Island’s signature activity – the guided island hopping day trip by speedboat! Tailored with its own personal Azura touch, start with an easy hike up Bazaruto Dune on Bazaruto Island for a 360 degree panoramic view of the Bazaruto Archipelago. As the adventure continues, you are introduced to a snorkeling paradise on their famous two-mile reef nicknamed, “The Aquarium.”  You will come across hundreds of species of tropical fish, coral, rays, invertebrates and you may just see one of the various species of turtle that inhabit the national park. 

After snorkeling, arrive at North Point, a remote location with bleached white sand, for a tantalizing picnic lunch prepared by the Azura chefs. Then, enjoy North Point at your own leisure – bask in the sun, laze around on cushions and beanbags or swim in the clear, cool deep waters.


Picnic lunch on Gangtey 360 hike

At Gangtey Lodge in the Kingdom of Bhutan, the new Gangtey 360 hike with a picnic lunch, is one of the most exclusive activities offered in the Gangtey Valley. After a short drive to the starting point, spend the first 20 minutes hiking uphill through dense rhododendron forests until the top of Gangtey suddenly reveals itself. From the top, take in the sublime 360 degree views of the whole Gangtey Valley to the south, the snow-capped Himalayas to the north and views as far as the eye can see to the east and west. After taking it all in, enjoy a picnic lunch served to you at the top, before hiking down a gentle ridge all the way back to Gangtey Lodge via the Shedra (monk college).


Purification ceremony site in Pejeng

The Chedi Club Tanah Gajah offers you a new, exclusive experience: a purification ceremony in Pejeng. Hidden within the tropical jungle, just 20 minutes from the hotel by car, this ceremony will allow you to immerse yourself in an authentic Balinese ceremony with a spiritual cleansing ritual that washes away bad spirits and purifies your body and soul. Depart the property at 7:00 AM and you will reach the Pucak Manik temple for an idyllic walk-through with a Balinese priest before the ceremony. After the ceremony, you may also visit the ancient site of Garba Cave to experience its pure ambiance before heading back to The Chedi Club around 10:00 AM.


Birkat al Mouz

Oman is quite an arid country, so agricultural production is almost fully dependent on irrigation. More than one third of irrigation water is supplied by aflaj (singular falaj), trenches and tunnels dug into the ground to carry water from one spot to another. See an ancient Falaj irrigation system that’s listed as a Unesco World heritage site in Birkat Al Mawz with The Chedi Muscat. Located on the way to Jebel Akhdar, Birkat Al Mawz is an enchanting place home to 2 sets of ruins from the tribes that previously lived in the mountains.

In fact, it is such an enchanting place that the architect of The Chedi Muscat, Jean-Michel Gathy, was inspired to incorporate the ancient Falaj system within the grounds of the hotel, notably in the courtyard of the Serai Wing.


Swiss cable car

Get a bird’s eye view of the region’s beautiful canyons, waterfalls and mountain lakes as you take to dizzying heights on a traditional Swiss mountain cable car with The Chedi Andermatt. The day-long excursion includes lunch in a cozy chalet-style restaurant at the top of a mountain, boasting incredible views. Also included is a visit to a local farm for a tasting of artisanal food, where you can savor a selection of Alpine cheese and cured meats. You are also provided with a Chedi-branded backpack for the adventure! So be sure to take advantage of this Small Cable Car Rally offer available until October 15, 2017 and experience this top day trip excursion! 


Nazca Lines in Peru

Peru is filled with awe-inspiring places. Just a few hours south of Lima, you can discover two amazing spots in one day with Condor Travel. In Nazca, fly in a small airplane to look down at the stunning Nazca Lines – giant and mysterious geoglyphs which represent several animal and plant figures that have been engraved on the desert ground for centuries. Secondly, the Huacachina Lagoon, located not too far away in Ica, is also a sight that one does not easily forget! Known as the Oasis of America, this basin in the middle of the desert is the perfect place to practice sand-boarding and, especially, to take in the exquisite scenery.


Kyambura Gorge Lodge

From Volcanoes Safaris’ beautiful Kyambura Gorge Lodge, take a boat cruise over the Kazinga Channel, a 32-kilometer long channel, rich in wildlife, that links Lakes Edward and George. Boat trips down the channel depart from Mweya Safari Lodge (about an hour’s drive through the park from Kyambura Gorge Lodge) and last 3-4 hours. The boat cruise provides a wonderful opportunity to photograph the many animals that come to cool off at the waters’ edge, including lions, buffaloes, hippos, elephants, and leopards, whilst enjoying a sundowner aperitif on your private cruise!


Wari La

Straddled at an elevation of 5,312 m (17,428 ft.), experience Wari La, the fourth highest motorable pass in the world, with The Ultimate Travelling Camp. Opened to civilians only in 2008, Wari La retains its unblemished beauty. The winds whisper stories of nomads, merchants and monks who trodded through the challenges of this very land in search of a promised land. Wild yaks and the Himalayan blue sheep dot the many sprawling meadows that create a perfect picture of blue skies and majestic craggy mountains whose weathered summits are bound to set your imagination wild. Wari La is the perfect escape and a must see for any nature or outdoor enthusiast.



Embark on an adventurous journey with The Ultimate Travelling Camp’s Chamba Camp, Diskit, driving through spectacular landscape into the realm of the Balti dynasty. Turtuk is a quaint village of approximately 1,200 residents and was opened to tourists only in 2010 so it still feels rather unexplored. Inhabited by ethnic Muslims, a few kilometers from the ‘Line of Control’ (the de facto border) between India and Pakistan on the Indian side, Turtuk is the penultimate village. Admire the traditional houses, unique stone kitchen implements made by the Abdul Karim Khalil family, stream-based flour grinder (runthak) and relish the delicious world-acclaimed apricots grown in the region. Experience the last frontier mosque, named Jama Masjid of the 16th Century and the Turtuk Gompa of the 11th Century, which the local Muslim inhabitants continue to maintain.