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The Top 5 Local Markets to Visit with the JG Black Book Collection

Without a doubt, the best way to encapsulate the memory of your vacation is through locally-made artifacts. Not only do local markets give us a glimpse into the history, culture and cuisine of a destination, but they also provide a wonderful shopping outlet for purchasing souvenirs to commemorate your trip. And the best part? Your purchases will help to support the local community. Read on to learn more about 5 of the top local markets to visit with JG Black Book Collection.


Azura Benguerra Island

A thoughtfully chosen souvenir not only allows you to share the thrill of an exotic holiday with friends and family, it also acts as a keepsake for memories of your visit. Machilla Magic, a well-known craft market in Mozambique, is where we recommend guests of Azura Benguerra Island shop for a reminder of their time on island. What began as an uplifting project in 2000 has grown into a vibrant establishment that attracts visitors from far and wide. All products are handmade by the local community using indigenous materials. Over 50 artists, ranging from carpenters and masons to weavers and sewers, create a range of unique products that showcase their diverse skills. For example, reclaimed sandalwood can be turned into picture frames, jewelry boxes and candles for keepsakes.


The Chedi Muscat

Every destination has distinct flavor and every city has a market that encapsulates its history and cultural traditions. With its ancient maze of intricate pathways, the Muttrah Souk in Muscat, Oman offers unique finds to those willing to bargain hard. Find anything from gold and silver to incense burners to traditional Omani daggers. While passing through the souq, your senses are tantalized by the sweet-scented fragrances of frankincense, incense and Arabian perfumes. Due to the myriad of alleys and roads lined by shops that block the sunlight during the day, locals refer to this souq as the Market of Darkness. Muttrah can be easily reached from The Chedi Muscat hotel and is located just twenty minutes by car in the direction of old Muscat.


The Stafford London

Borough Market is London’s best market for foodies. No visit to The Stafford London is complete without a visit to Borough Market, which has been serving the capital for over 1000 years. The genuinely exceptional produce, market stalls, shops and restaurants reflect London’s status as a truly global city, with typical produce sitting alongside regional specialities from around the world.


Elewana Loisaba Tented Camp

Guests at Elewana Loisaba Tented Camp are given the unique opportunity to visit the local village, Ewaso. After a short game drive, guests will arrive at the village and be greeted by the Ewaso Women’s Group. From there they will enjoy a cultural boma visit, including a tour of the manyatta (a traditional Maasai home) and activities such as milking goats and cows or dancing with the women. The women at Ewaso are highly skilled in beadworks and guests can purchase anything from bracelets and belts to beaded placemats for their homes. All the revenue from the beadwork goes to the Ewaso Women’s Group. As an added bonus, guests are invited to watch and join an entertaining dance performed by the young Maasai men.


Delfin Amazon Cruises

Delfin Amazon Cruises proudly supports local villagers by helping them build markets where they can sell their handcrafted goods. These artifacts are showcased by Delfin on board the ship, so travelers will feel inspired to buy products directly from the artisans at the end of their journey.