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Take A Bite Out Of This: Top Culinary Experiences with JG Black Book

Foodies rejoice! We have brand new, mouthwatering dishes from the JG Black Book Collection, and trust us when we say you’re going to want to take a bite out of these. From world-class chefs creating culinary masterpieces in unison to guests fishing off the Indian Ocean to see their ‘catch of the day’ on the hotel’s dinner menu, outstanding culinary experiences with our Collection Members await! Which will you choose first?

Giardino Hotels 

One of Switzerland’s most decorated chefs, Rolf Fliegauf, has his own unique philosophy, and it has brought him plenty of success throughout his career. His Giardino Hotel restaurants, Ecco Ascona and St. Moritz, have both been awarded two stars by the Michelin Guide. With the opening of Atlantis by Giardino, the Swabian chef’s concept is now also represented at the Ecco Zürich restaurant, and his decision to place his long-term sous-chef, Stefan Heilemann, soon saw Ecco Zürich awarded two Michelin stars as well. What sets Rolf Fliegauf ’s cuisine apart? The high-quality mix of craftsmanship and sophisticated individuality in each of his creations coupled with the fact that while his food embodies a regional down-to-earth attitude, his style appeals to a diverse international clientele. He loves to experiment, yet despite being an exponent of haute cuisine, he always remains in touch with the principles of popular dishes – an approach he describes as “purist aroma cuisine”. Aroma cuisine means that every ingredient retains its original flavor,” chef Rolf says. “By combining the different components, I am able to optimally accentuate all of the flavors.”

Azura Retreats 

In Mozambique, guests will be pleased to know that meals focus on what’s fresh and available, including scrumptious local fish and seafood. The hot and spicy flavors that compliment these dishes come from Portuguese influence and have introduced fiery peppers and acidic lemons to Mozambique’s local cuisine. At Azura Benguerrra Island, you can sample crayfish, lobster and prawns, all seasoned with piri piri sauce or their in-house marinade, which is a local blend of the locally grown African bird’s eye chili. At Azura Quilalea Private Island, fishing is a popular activity with guests, and you can find your ‘catch of the day’ on the menu, served as sashimi.

But there’s a more unusual source of sustenance on this island that comes from its giant Baobab trees. Some of the trees are over 3000 years old, and when they produce fruit, the kitchen staff turns it into jams, chutneys and Baobab powder. Baobab fruit is considered a superfruit packed with Vitamin C and antioxidants. The powder, with its tart, tangy flavor, can be added to water and juice, blended into a smoothie or sprinkled over your breakfast cereal.

The Stafford London 

On March 29th, The Game Bird will host Nathan Rich, Executive Chef at Twin Farms Relais & Chateaux in Vermont, for the Guest Chef series. The distinguished Relais & Chateaux Chef will be cooking alongside Culinary Director, Ben Tish, in the kitchen of The Stafford’s celebrated restaurant, The Game Bird, to present a collaborative lunch and dinner menu. The evening will begin with a variety of canapés followed by a five-course menu that will feature dishes from both The Game Bird and Twin Farms, including Chilled Devon Crab Salad, Steamed Stone Bass, Spring Asparagus and Dark Chocolate Mousse for dessert.

Micato Safaris 

Sip delicious wines between helicopter rides among culinary experiences in Micato’s South Africa! It’s often said that the subtle flavors of food and wine taste better depending on where you are and what you’re doing and while there’s likely some science to back this up, the culinary aficionados at Micato Safaris enjoy designing experiences that help travelers research the theory! For instance, do the properties of wine change on the palate if you’re helicoptering in between vintages? Micato arranges private wine tastings by helicopter during which, say, a couple celebrating their wedding anniversary with a helicopter at their disposal, can fly from estate to estate for private wine tastings… all while being escorted by a guide who’s a regional wine expert. For those guests who prefer to stay closer to the ground, Micato’s South Africa team often arranges private wine tastings, cellar tours, wine pairings with cellar masters, and custom wine blending where guests can work one-on-one with the winemakers to design a wine with the textures and flavors they like best. Micato can also arrange for guests to forage for local edibles in wine country, then prepare a meal using the ingredients they collect. And these culinary experiences only scratch the surface of what Micato can plan for guests in South Africa!

Elewana Collection 

When guests stay at Elewana The Manor in Ngorongoro, they’ll experience a new way of dining. Guests will enjoy a private lunch on the Ngorongoro Crater floor, a glamorous African affair with a selection of freshly grilled dishes prepared by the chefs on the open fire alongside a bush bar with a selection of refreshing gin cocktails and great wines from around the world. White tablecloths, champagne flutes, and a carpeted pillow lounge to unwind all add to this exquisite bush dining experience. But the highlight might just be standing on the rim of the dramatic Crater, looking down and taking it all in.

Sheldon Chalet 
Locally wildcrafted hand-foraged berries, flowers & herbs enhance many Sheldon Chalet craft cocktails, tisanes, specialty salads, and desserts and serve as edible garnishes for the locally-sourced entrees. Eclectic edibles include wild rose, rare champagne currants, wild chamomile, fireweed, borage, and sourdough strawberries. Historically in pioneering Alaskan frontier days, these delicacies were canned for the wintertime and provided enough Vitamin C to avoid scurvy during the long, dark winters.

47 Hotel 

Experience Mediterranean cuisine at 47 Boutique Hotel’s Circus Roof Garden. The panoramic outdoor area welcomes guests with aperitifs, lunches, and dinners during the warm seasons. The menu, created by the chef, Gabriele Enrico, coordinator of Città del Gusto by Gambero Rosso in Turin, is seasonal and made with genuine ingredients only. Every single dish is designed to celebrate Mediterranean flavors as fresh homemade pasta, meat, and fish, legumes, mozzarella, and prosciutto. 47 also likes to express their love through the wine selection that becomes a kitchen ingredient itself.

The Chedi Andermatt 

The Chedi Andermatt’s The Japanese Restaurant has it all! Their sushi chef tempts you with a selection of top-flight authentic Japanese dishes, such as a modern five- to ten-course Kaiseki menu. All dishes correspond to a multi-course Japanese dinner and combine the western haute cuisine tastes, textures, forms, and colors. Any meal would not be the same without a glass of sake! The exclusive The Japanese Restaurant has the largest sake selection in Switzerland, and since 2017 has been repeatedly awarded 1 Michelin Star and 16 GaultMillau points.