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She Said/He Said: Join Us On the Road to Thailand!

Recently, JG Black Book Sales Manager Karin König returned from visiting the amazing Iniala Beach House in Thailand. Read about her first impressions of the beach house including the gracious staff, delicious food and of course the innovative design of this beautiful destination! Iniala also recently hosted the Kardashian Family on their luxurious vacation, must be top-notch! Stay tuned for Karin’s colleague Greg Wilshire’s Q&A who also had the pleasure of visiting this gorgeous property.


I’ve had the extraordinary pleasure of living in São Paulo city, a place where the night life, gastronomy, and culture lends itself to memorable moments. And as I planned my trip to visit our newest Partner, Iniala Beach House, I looked forward discovering many new and memorable experiences that the hotel and Thailand had to offer.

From the moment when Iniala reached out to me to inquire about my rooming preferences, to the ‘meet and greet’ at the airport, every aspect of my journey made me feel like I was the most special guest. Let’s face it, having a butler, sleeping in an iconically designed villa, and bike-riding through the towns of Phang-Nga, it’s a traveler’s dream…and it came true for me.

I am happy to answer any of your questions and provide information about Iniala Beach House. Feel free to get in touch with me at or at + (55 11) 2507 4970.


 Q: What was your first impression of Iniala Beach House?

A: After a 10,000+ mile journey, I was glad to meet the butler at the airport, who would be responsible for my care at my villa. My first impression was that Iniala wanted to make sure my experience was top-notch. As I arrived to the hotel after a 20 minute drive, I couldn’t believe my eyes. What a beautiful surprise! I was amazed by the immaculate yet contemporary design of the hotel in the middle of a seemingly remote and reserved part of Thailand.


Q: Were there any other pleasant surprises?

A: The staff. They focused on tailor-made service, perfectly suited to my needs by being warm but unobtrusive. I got the impression that everything was planned to make me feel like I was the only person at the resort, kindly catering to me and making sure I had the most comfortable stay.


Q: Tell me about your favorite meal or drink you had during your stay.

A: I can honestly say that this was one of the best culinary experiences of my life. Dining at Aziamendi, the hotel’s onsite fine-dining restaurant, served up true culinary masterpieces. The experience at the restaurant justifies the 4 month long wait list. Wine, cocktail and food selections were superb. And the bread and croissants I had every morning were so fresh and delicious. I could swear I was in Germany or France.

Aziamendi 01

Q: How would you describe the design of Iniala Beach House?

A: I love the work of the Campanas brothers and A-Cero’s creative mind and was very impressed by the design when I saw it in person. I stayed in one of the contemporary villas, Villa Bianca, where my bed was in the shape of a Matryoshka doll. Although I didn’t stay in the Villa Siam, designed by Thailand’s own Eggarat Wongcharit, I found it to be incredibly charming.The hotel is very refreshing, bringing a new experience from room to room. With the perfect location of the hotel, just in front of the beach, it brings guests the perfect amount of privacy.


Q: What is a ‘must-do’ activity every guest should experience?

A: The hotel offers scenic cycling routes, where guests have the opportunity to experience the beautiful region surrounding Iniala. I visited local villas, temples, and waterfalls during my cycling tour with the personal trainer. Phang-Nga is very exclusive and still very private, preserving an untouched and authentic tourism experience. You have the opportunity to meet shy monks and eat the sticky mango rice directly from the street. Not to mention, the island around Phuket is breathtsaking, as I took a boat ride along the coast and got to visit all of the natural archipelagos.


We hope that Karin’s stay will inspire you to journey to Thailand and experience this amazing retreat! 

– The JG Black Book Team