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Rekindle the Magic of the Festive Season with Elewana Collection

What do you think of when you think of Christmas? Most people in the northern hemisphere imagine white snow and cold blustery days filled with the sound of endless carols. And when they think of New Year’s, the first thoughts are fireworks and lots of people toasting with glasses of bubbly.  If you’re looking to get away from the same old Christmas and New Year’s routine and find that magic you used to feel, then visit East Africa and the Elewana Collection will delight you with an experience you will never forget!

You never know what you may see on Christmas morning at Elewana’s Elephant Pepper Camp. Head out for an early morning adventure before the warm African sun rises and be on the lookout for nature’s dramatic theater to play out in front of you at a moment’s notice. Famished from excitement, a tantalizing bush breakfast with sparkling wine awaits you, offering a selection of fresh fruit, cereal and the irresistible hot breakfast with all the trimmings. In the afternoon, take a horse ride across the stunning landscape and enjoy the warmth of the wind or float above the plains in a hot air balloon as you take in the beauty of the Masai Mara and the boundless wildlife that lives there.

For a quieter festive season filled with pure relaxation and only the sounds of the wild, stay at Elewana’s Elsa Kopje and marvel at the land’s expansiveness from the infinity pool. Meru’s diverse wildlife includes rare species specific to northern Kenya, such as Grevy’s zebra, Beisa Oryx, and over 450 bird species. Meru National Park is a place of spectacular and dramatic scenery, with its ancient granite kopjes and breathtaking views across to the Nyambeni Range and Mount Kenya beyond.

For “old world” grandeur and green lush settings, venture to Elewana’s The Manor at Ngorongoro. Celebrate the festive holiday with style and enjoy picnics on the lawn, five-course dinners in the lavish dining room, cigars, and brandy. The staff will pamper and treat you to an extravaganza that will rekindle the spark of Christmas and the excitement of the New Year.

If you want to be surrounded by the endless plains of the Serengeti, look no further than to Elewana’s Serengeti Migration Camp. This camp has fun for the whole family, as the staff treats you to a host of Christmas activities, including a special children’s walk with a professional guide, sundowners around a campfire with Christmas canapes, and African drumming and singing at dinner. They keep the traditions of Christmas but combine them with an African twist!

Elewana does keep some traditions but with an African twist.  These include New Year’s Eve cocktails enjoyed around the campfire watching the sun go down and as the last rays of light glow in the sky, 2018 is near its end. There is something magical watching a sunset in Africa, nothing compares to the colors that radiate from a thousand blades of grass and every rugged rock, sensing the timelessness of this place as the sounds of the night come alive. The countdown to midnight begins, the bubbles flow, and the start of 2019 is here as you listen to a hyena woop or a lion roar the New Year is here.

Colorful people, rhythm and dancing continue to fill the air, this is how Elewana Collection celebrates Christmas and New Year in the Savanah. Join them and capture unforgettable memories and share your #elewanamoments.