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Quin Week: Travel Necessities – Playing Cards

Who wants to try their hand at braving the “Concrete Jungle?”. We at JG Black Book know how to navigate the city but our friends at the Quin probably know it better than we do as they’ll become the newest face of New York luxury lifestyle in one of the most iconic city centers, when the doors open next week.

Join us as we kick off “Quin Week”, a tribute to the city that never sleeps, and is always full of fun and games.

Quin Cards

In one of the most enthralling cities in the world, sometimes the best part about a trip to New York City is unwinding in your luxurious hotel room. Throw back to the simpler days and let a card game do the trick. Whether for a quiet night in or a long wait in the airport, over Poker or Crazy Eights, the custom-designed deck of cards at the Quin is the perfect way to entertain.

These chic gold-lined decks of cards at the Quin are elegantly designed for the sophisticated traveler. Each card was thoughtfully appointed with designs paying homage to the Quin’s heritage and culture.

The Provisions Cabinets at the Quin feature these for 28 dollars per deck.  Let the games begin.