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Quasar Week – Tales from the Yacht: Experiences of a Lifetime

Many of us at JG Black Book have had the great fortune of embarking on worldy travels and having life-changing experiences—especially ones we want to share with all of our friends and family. There’s nothing better than remembering a great trip and we’re so happy our friends at Quasar Expeditions are sharing some of their guest’s experiences with us. Who wants to take a trip to the Galapagos now? All who travel aboard our yachts will be part of a unique mission: to bring to life the natural living legacy of the islands through a journey unlike any other in Galapagos.

Here are some posts from our guests sharing their experiences aboard M/Y Grace and M/V Evolution: Quasar Guests

About M/Y Grace

“I saw a lot of boats at anchor when I first arrived in the Galapagos, but the M/Y Grace stands out because she is so beautiful. The best looking boat in the Galapagos for sure. I fell in love with her classic lines and sea kindliness. Montserrat was our host and she did a fantastic job. Nothing was too much trouble and she made certain that everyone’s needs were satisfied and she did all of her work in great style. I wish she worked for me!” ~ Paul Rose (BBC Nature Show Host)

“The Galapagos trip on the Grace was nothing short of fabulous. The crew was wonderful and Caroline, the cruise director, was thoughtful and meticulous. Everyone seemed to do more than one job. Rafael, our guide was articulate, extremely knowledgeable and went out of his way to make certain everyone was happy and satisfied. He is an amazing asset for Quasar Expeditions.” ~ Susan R. Ketterlinus

M/V Evolution

About the M/V Evolution
“If I knew anyone that was even thinking of going, I would make sure they use the Evolution. The space on this yacht was fantastic. I was constantly looking at other ships we saw on the water and we would talk about the overall space advantage the Evolution had. Our room was A3 and it was excellent. I did check out a C and D room and was surprised at how well they looked in size also. Decor was great. Service was excellent. The crew was fantastic! ~ Patricia Phelan: San Francisco, CA

“The Evolution was in our view the perfect size for a Galapagos Cruise (large enough to be stable when the seas got choppy, plenty of outdoor deck space which was a real pleasure to relax on). The bar and bar staff were great. The staff, in general, was clearly working very hard to make everything smooth and easy for us in a way that I have never experienced before. Our cabin was perfect, and Marta (my wife) said the bathroom was 5/5, bed comfortable, cleaned regularly, with plenty of storage space.” ~ Brent Elliott: New York City, NY

About The Naturalist Guides Onboard

“Rafa, the naturalist was very knowledgeable about all things Galapagos and he imparted his knowledge in away that everyone could understand. He was a joy to be around. In a particular, he knew when other ships were going to be in the area and would work around their schedule so it was as if we were the only ones around.” ~ Ruth Bronston

“Rafael was the best! We can’t imagine there being any better guide. What we believe made him special was the enthusiasm he brought to our journey. He really loved showing us his islands and we learned so much from him. In fact, he even got my husband (he’s not a great swimmer) to go snorkeling. He stayed right by his side in the water so he’d feel comfortable. He told him that he didn’t want him to miss the magic below the water as was above the water and this was what convinced my husband to try it.” ~ Lili Mehlab

Quasar Food
About The Food

“The food was also fantastic onboard ? no one would ever go hungry on the Grace.” ~ Owen Jones “I was never left hungry. Food quality was great and variety was above our expectations.” ~ Patricia Phelan “The food onboard was delicious. We especially liked the snacks after each of our outings on the islands. We all applauded our chef on our farewell cocktail.” ~ Michael Phillips

About The Small Boat Experience

“Smaller yacht with fewer passengers meant I could get to know people well during the week. It was very personal. It also meant there was a closer interaction with the guide. This is the way Galapagos Travel has to be done.” ~ Owen Jones

“Seeing Bartolome Island during the sunrise was magical. The snorkeling right after was also superb. What we particularly liked was the ability for our guide to alter the itinerary as need be because we were a small group.” ~ Lili Mehlab

“We were very lucky to have all our passengers to be incredibly entertaining, interesting, respectful, and enjoyable. Our Guide, Rafa, should be a university professor. His knowledge was quite impressive.” ~ Kent & Karin Lehman

Snorkeling in the Galapagos

About The Crew “We would like to specifically mention Caroline, our cruise director aboard M/Y Grace who has this rare talent to know what you might want before you even get a chance to ask for it, which kinds of makes you feel like royalty…” ~ Derk Stockmans

“The crew on the Evolution was terrific and worked very hard to please everyone. I just thought I would let you know how much I appreciated the entire program that is offered.” ~ Salli Snyder

“Amazing staff aboard M/Y Grace, after 4 weeks of cycling in Chile, this was definitely the place to recharge. Thank you.” ~ Nicola Hoey All abord! Don’t forget to schedule your next Quasar Adventure!

– JG Black Book Team