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New Partner Announcement: Islas Secas Reserve & Lodge

14 islands, 15 miles from civilization, just 18 guests. This is how the epic adventures at Panama’s first private island reserve and lodge begin. And we could not be more thrilled to introduce Islas Secas Reserve & Lodge as a member of the JG Black Book Collection!

Islas Secas Reserve & Lodge is Panama’s only private island reserve and lodge. The archipelago of 14 islands, located 15 miles off the coast of Panama, is a secluded and fully sustainable destination for world-class adventures. Welcoming no more than 18 guests at a time, Islas Secas offers rare, exclusive access to one of the most diverse ecosystems in the world alongside exhilarating recreation, impeccable facilities and warm Panamanian hospitality. The Islas Secas experience invigorates the senses, stimulates the mind and connects one with nature in its purest, most thrilling form.

Islas Secas Reserve & Lodge is a place to escape from the outside world, where guests return from daily explorations to their own private sanctuary of modern comfort and responsible luxury. The four casita sites are nestled within the verdant landscape and overlook the Pacific Ocean. Each is its own island within the island, a private sanctuary surrounded by lush vegetation and equipped with a plunge pool, lounge and dining area and shaded thatch-roofed Bohio with hammock. Built with certified sustainable wood and other materials, the casitas invite the outdoors in, with interiors by renowned designer Tom Scheerer that combine colonial elegance with a contemporary beach feel, and spacious bathrooms complete with double vanity and indoor/outdoor shower. There are sophisticated options for couples, groups and families with one 1-bedroom site; two 2-bedroom sites, one with private ocean access; and one 4-bedroom site.

At the heart of Islas Secas Reserve & Lodge is the dramatic Terraza, where guests share tales of the day’s adventures as well as sophisticated sea-to-table cuisine before retiring to the Hemingway-style lounge and bar for a cocktail. The cuisine prepared by Chef Alex Rojas is best described as a creative fusion of international and local Panamanian dishes which continuously surprises and delights: seafood, chicken, meat, fruits, vegetables and other fresh sourced seasonal delicacies. All complemented by a range of fine wines, cocktails and beverages.

At Islas Secas Reserve & Lodge, guests have their own private archipelago to explore, set within the Pacific waters teeming with extraordinary aquatic life. It’s an idyllic base from which to undertake a true marine safari. Snorkel or SCUBA dive amidst the aquatic wonders of the Gulf of Chiriqui, explore the biodiversity of Coiba National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site, fish the storied waters of Hannibal Bank and Isla Montuosa, or get up close with a migrating Humpback whale in the waters around Islas Secas. The islands are a birdwatcher’s paradise too, where guests can hike over 2 miles of trails in search of the calls – and hopefully the sight – of more than 50 resident and migratory birds that have been observed. Or there is always a picnic lunch to be enjoyed on your own private beach. At Islas Secas, guests are sure to find the archipelago and surrounding waters alive with adventure.

At the core of Islas Secas Reserve & Lodge is a driving passion for the enjoyment and conservation of the archipelago’s natural resources, paired with a deep appreciation and respect for the local culture and its history. As steward of this extraordinary place, the owner has set a new standard in sustainable development, conserving 75% of the archipelago in perpetuity. It also offers guests a high-quality experience while maintaining a low-impact footprint through the use of solar energy – 100% of the power consumed on island is solar, the composting of all organic materials and the recycling of water waste for irrigation to name just a few of the initiatives. Islas Secas also has a strong connection to the local San Lorenzo community and it supports school programs, infrastructure projects and cultural festivities.