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New Partner Announcement: Global CommUnity

It is a great thrill for JG Black Book to share that our CEO Jena Gardner has joined Founders Keith Waldon and Christie Holmes in an exciting new company committed to creating family travel experiences that truly connect with cultures around the world: Global CommUnity.

As a true believer in the power of travel to transform lives and make us more educated, understanding and accepting individuals, Jena has made it a priority to travel with her three boys since their earliest days. When it comes to planning family vacations, Jena says, “I never considered how limited that amount of time really is until I sat down earlier this year with Keith and Christie. The prospect of determining how to maximize those years and travel to the right places at the right ages was daunting, and I can only imagine how intimidating it is for those not in the industry! Global CommUnity’s ability to enable parents to create a long-term plan to make the most of these irreplaceable years for their children truly captured my heart.”

Newly launched, Global CommUnity is an innovative packaged-travel company focused on helping families explore the world via carefully curated age-appropriate itineraries. Founded on the belief that travel is a vital “classroom”, the company aims to create future global citizens by introducing cultures, traditions, natural wonders and thrilling experiences to families with children.

Exclusively offering private family journeys, Global CommUnity has organized their itineraries into those for families with adult children, families with young children 12 and under and families with teenagers, all with extensive pre-trip destination engagement materials presented in a relatable manner. Younger children receive a hand-made Global CommUnity doll with a storybook sharing the tale of a similarly aged child at the destination. Teenagers receive inspirational social media post-worthy content. And the whole family receives digital downloads of movies, novels, music and recipes that showcase the destination and culture.

Global CommUnity takes the guesswork out of where and when to travel for families at every stage. In addition to its carefully crafted itineraries, designed to engage every member of the family at every age, Global CommUnity offers special “life travel maps” which will allow agents and their clients to create a master plan of their immediate and future trips around the needs of the whole family. These travel maps outline long-term family travel for up to 15 years based upon an in-depth interview of the whole family. Local, on-the-ground expertise allows families to experience the heart and soul of each destination. Plus, travelers will have an opportunity to make a meaningful contribution to the betterment or preservation of the destination and its inhabitants.

Raising a global citizen takes planning, and there are few things more precious than the time families have to travel together. Global CommUnity is committed to helping you ensure that your clients and their families make the most of those moments through educational, life-changing journeys.