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New Partner Announcement: Delfin Amazon Cruises

Pioneering upscale exploration of the Upper Peruvian Amazon with a fleet comprised of three river vessels, Delfin Amazon Cruises invites nature enthusiasts on a magical journey of discovery. We are thrilled to introduce Delfin Amazon Cruises as a member of the JG Black Book Collection.

In a stylish and personalized manner, Delfin brings to light the lore, legend and life of the Amazon, where one can find more than one-third of all species recorded in the world – the earth’s largest collection of living plant and animal species. 

Delfin’s fleet is comprised of three classic river vessels, the newest of which, Delfin III, can comfortably fit up to 43 passengers and boasts hardwood floors, designer furnishings and handmade Peruvian artifacts.

Delfin vessels showcase contemporary Creole tastes through a comprehensive gastronomic, cultural and historic culinary adventure. Served on handmade dinnerware and complemented by locally crafted table décor, meals are fresh and ever-changing, relying on the Amazon’s wild choice of fresh ingredients, from Oscar fish to hearts of palm.

As Delfin vessels make their way along the river, there are ample opportunities – through kayaking and stand-up paddle boarding, and onboard, through insightful presentations – to learn about this exciting ecosystem.