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Micato Safaris 24-Hour Concierge Team

For a wonder-working concierge team, look no further than Micato Safaris. Their concierge team is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week and are poised to meet guests’ last-minute, unexpected, and unusual requests. Forgot a prescription? Lost your reading glasses? Craving your favorite snack? Just pick up the phone!

Based out of  Micato Safaris’ offices in Nairobi, Cape Town, Arusha, and Johannesburg during the day, they are also available all night via a private telephone hotline. In fact, Micato concierges can be reached on this hotline from virtually anywhere in the bush, day or night. That is true 24/7 coverage in a place where 24/7 coverage isn’t easy! Beyond saving the day when it comes to forgotten or lost medications, Micato’s resourceful concierge team is practiced at procuring bathing suits and hiking boots, replacing broken lenses and drained camera batteries – and flying those to you in the bush! – arranging private cars and dining reservations, making flight changes, shopping for you, packing for you, shipping your purchases home, and with indefatigable grace answering any questions you may have, anytime.

It’s the level of personalized service you’d expect from a concierge team at a five-star hotel, yet in this case, the unsurpassed service of the Micato concierge is at your beck and call throughout your safari. Of course, it might occur to discerning travelers that service of this nature ought to be rewarded. However, there is no tipping, ever, from beginning to end of a Micato safari, so no matter how many requests Micato travelers make of their concierges, a tip is never required. Likewise, gratuities for Micato safari directors, driver-guides and anyone else Micato guests encounter are all completely included. The Micato concierge team and an ultra-convenient no-tipping policy… just two of many inclusions that comprise ‘The Micato Difference’.