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Le Soleil d’Or: On the Road with David

Le Soleil D’Or, the Cayman Islands’ first farm-to-table destination, caters to travelers seeking ocean-side adventure paired with fresh, locally grown food. Situated under the golden sun of the beautiful island of Cayman Brac, this health and wellness-inspired resort features an organic 20-acre garden farm, scenic trails, a relaxing spa and detoxification program, along with all of the watersports one would expect on a Caribbean getaway. Our very own David Corke had the luxury of visiting Le Soleil d’Or for a first-hand experience and he didn’t come home disappointed.


What was your favorite part of the dining experience?

To be quite honest, it is a thrill on its own to imagine that most, if not all, ingredients are coming straight from the resort’s 20-acre organic farm. Having lived in the greater NYC area for more than 15 years, I can say that this farm-to-table experience was unlike anything I had ever experienced, at home or in the Caribbean. The farm had everything from fresh fruits, veggies, flowers, herbs and a chicken coupe and the talented chefs created such impressive dishes for an incredibly unique dining experience.


Tell us about your Beyond the Table tour.

Before our dinner, we were guided through a tour of the farm to learn about the produce and observe the garden and farming practices. Besides the breathtaking views of the Caribbean, it was a hands-on culinary experience complete with sustainable farming practices, samples of savory flavors and an organic cooking class.

DSC_9094What was your favorite activity you participated in while visiting Cayman Brac Island?

I experienced the most incredible sunset while kayaking on the south shore up past the western part of the island. One color magically turned into the next and there was an overwhelming sense of tranquility that made for a truly epic experience. I would highly recommend the sunset kayaking and the cave exploration which offers a rare glimpse of the delicate underground formations you miss while above the water.

Any tips for travelers heading to Le Soleil d’Or?

Make sure you enjoy as much fresh fruit as you can! It is impossible to adequately describe but the fruit is so ripe, it bursts with flavor when you bite into it.


– The JG Black Book Team