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The “Great Herds of Africa” from Micato Safaris: Winter-Break Friendly!

Imagine your family looking up from their smartphones (as hard as that is to envision) when the sound of a mama lion calling her cubs ripples through the savannah. Or perhaps it’ll be the mirthful chortle of hippos that’ll finally coax your brood back to the real world.

Nothing lifts eyes from gadgets faster than the wondrous sounds of Micato’s Africa. And the sights are pretty remarkable, too – giraffes good-naturedly staring you down through the leaves of acacia trees, gracefully lumbering rhinos crossing the road in front of your vehicle, a Maasai warrior defying gravity as he leaps skyward during a ceremony orchestrated just for you. The list goes on.

The Great Herds of Africa, a new 12-day Micato Kenya adventure unfolding this holiday season, fits entirely within the confines of a typical winter school break! Travelers will relish in the glorious wilderness and ring in the New Year during a private departure that’s stunning, luxurious, uplifting and (shhhhhh!) educational, with a quintessential Kenya itinerary that includes time in the majestic Maasai Mara Game Reserve, Amboseli National Park, and the Loisaba Conservancy.

Great Herds of Africa concludes with an “only with Micato” experience – a visit to Micato’s Harambee Community Centre. Here, Micato and their nonprofit AmericaShare make a difference through community outreach and education, which includes the Micato One for One Commitment: For every safari sold, Micato sends a child to school.

That means that just by virtue of booking the Great Herds of Africa, you will help change a child’s life!

For further information about the Great Herds of Africa, contact Patti Buffolano at 212/545-7111,