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The Most Instagram-Worthy Places Around the World

If you’re looking for destinations and activities that deliver “wow” pictorial moments, look no further than the opportunities presented by the JG Black Book Collection. We’ve gathered a list of some of the most “Instagram-worthy” places around the world to help you plan your social media feed before you embark on your next adventure. So get your phone and camera ready because these unique spots are sure to collect plenty of “likes.”


The Cloisters, Gloucester Cathedral

The cloisters at Gloucester Cathedral are an amazing space, full of drama and atmosphere, especially when the light streams in through the old glass windows. And while the intricate decoration make the cloisters very “grammable,” the most important bragging right is that they were used as a set for Hogwarts in the Harry Potter movies! Want to get your photo taken here? Simply book a bespoke experience with Stately Tours


Circus Restaurant at Hotel Fortyseven

When in Rome… the best photo opportunity can be found on the terrace of Hotel Fortyseven‘s rooftop restaurant, Circus. The amazing 360° view looks out over the Aventino Hills, Circo Maximus, the temples of the Forum Boarium and so much more. It’s the perfect place to catch a sunset, enjoy authentic Italian cuisine and snap a selfie!


Courtyard at The Stafford London

With all the history that lies within The Stafford London, there is always an opportunity to take a photo for Instagram! Three of the most optimal areas include The American Bar, the courtyard and the wine cellar. The American Bar at The Stafford London is an institution in its own right where every available wall and surface is crammed with an intriguing collection of artifacts, knick-knacks and signed celebrity photographs donated by patrons and guests over the years. And located just outside The American Bar, the courtyard is another Instagram-ready spot. It’s peaceful surrounding along with a backdrop choice of the newly refurbished Carriage House and The Gatehouse – a two bedroom, three-story townhouse – as well as The Mews. The only question is – what pose would you make?

Wine Cellars at The Stafford London

Located beneath The Stafford London hotel, the 380-year-old wine cellar is a unique place to take a picture for Instagram. Built in the 17th Century by Lord Francis Godolphin and used as an air-raid shelter in World War II, these fascinating cellars house up to 8,000 bottles of the finest wines. The back of the wine cellar houses a collection of memorabilia left behind by the American and Canadian soldiers during the war. Today, Master Sommelier, Gino Nardella, hosts wine tastings and wine-pairing dinners throughout the year. With over 40 years of experience at The Stafford alone, there isn’t a bottle he hasn’t tried which rests beneath the hotel.


Balcony at Gangtey Lodge

The best place to take a photo for Instagram at Gangtey Lodge is from the cozy stone balcony, fully equipped with tables, chairs and blankets! From here, you can enjoy sweeping views of the entire valley, which includes Kumbu Valley to the left, the main Gangtey Valley floor in the center and Gangtey Monastery to the right. The best part about this view? It is ever changing. In the morning, the sun bathes the terrace in light, casting shadows over the valley. In the summer, the valley is unfathomably green and in the autumn, the clouds dance in and above the valley, creating different scenes by the minute. Any photo taken for Instagram from this viewpoint will be breathtaking – and won’t require a filter!


Lauda Restaurant at Andronis Boutique Hotel

The allure of Santorini is the view – mesmeric, hypnotic, compelling. Visitors are known to lose hours absorbed by the impossibly blue Aegean Sea, the dramatic caldera as it rises sharply from the water and the pink, then orange, then blood-red sun setting into a dusky horizon. Add the charm of the white-washed houses on the volcano’s ridge, blue-domed churches and narrow cobbled streets and it would be easy to stay put for an entire holiday, with a glass of chilled assyrtiko in hand, dazed by beauty. Capture all of this in an Instagram-worthy image when you dine at Lauda Restaurant at Andronis Boutique Hotel. Literally perched on the edge of the cliff, the establishment is the hallmark of true elegance.


Private Rice Paddy Dining

Nothing is more romantic – or perfect for Instagram – than the private rice field dining experience that The Chedi Club Tanah Gajah offers its guests! Capture your most memorable moment dining intimately amongst the rice paddies, indulging in a five-course menu and soaking in the rainbow colors of the sunset.


Fireplace in The Chedi Andermatt

Snapping a picture by the fire at The Chedi Andermatt will be sure to get you a lot of likes on Instagram! The hotel boasts over 200 fireplaces surrounded by plush leather sofas and cozy nooks throughout the lobby and living room. Relax and enjoy the moment over a cup of tea, coffee or aperitif and share the memory with your friends and family!


The Long Pool at The Chedi Muscat

The 103-meter Long Pool at The Chedi Muscat in Oman is the region’s longest by far – it’s double the length of an Olympic-sized pool! Located in front of the 1,500 square meter health and spa complex, it features a dramatic dark tiled floor, making for a stunning contrast. Book a cabana at the Long Pool and enjoy a unique and refreshing take on a fusion of Japanese and Middle Eastern cuisine served with a fine selection of exotic beverages. The lounge music and the back drop of the pot fires lit down the poolside help set the ambiance and make this scene even more Instagram-friendly!


View from Virunga Lodge

The best place to take an Instagram picture would certainly be from your luxury banda at Volcanoes Safaris‘ Virunga Lodge! The property features 5 bandas that face the Virunga Volcanoes and 5 bandas that face the twin lakes, Bulera and Rohondo. Wake up each morning and look out at the view before going mountain gorilla tracking. Admire the light reflecting on the beautiful, majestic volcanoes or, if you are in a lake-facing banda, take in the sun rising and shining on the water. The view simply makes for the best photo one could ever take!


Dining tent at Chamba Camp, Thiksey

Each TUTC campsite (Chamba Camp, Thiksey, Chamba Camp, Diskit and Kohima Camp, Nagaland) is unique, and showcases the region’s geography and culture in an equally distinctive way. This is evident in the amenities, layout and facilities offered by each camp. The dining tent is one such place with an indoor and outdoor sitting area located adjacent to a serene pond. Enjoy their delicious cuisine in the dining tent – an experience worth photographing and one you will never forget. During the day, witness the iconic view of the Thiksey Monastery from your comfortable seat in the restaurant. And at night, be greeted by a million stars in the dining tent.    


Helicopter view of Azura Benguerra Island

There’s nothing quite like the kaleidoscope of colors one witnesses while being flown to Azura Benguerra Island via helicopter. Snap a selfie with the beautiful, bird’s eye view of the ocean behind you or capture a panorama of the landscape from above. It will only be a short time before you land and are personally welcomed at Azura Benguerra’s private helicopter pad…

Beach picnic on Azura Benguerra Island

…or snap a shot of you and your partner walking down miles of pristine, private beach with no one else in sight, as you arrive at your personalized romantic beach picnic set up. Enjoy exotic cocktails served by your butler while sampling your perfectly prepared lunch. Be sure to document your very own castaway moment, that is sure to make your friends green with envy. 


The Amazonas

As the day comes to an end, sailing along the Amazon River with Condor Travel as your guide truly becomes a magical experience. The sun begins to set and the sky comes alive with intense and amazing colors which create a natural painting – a sight sure to take your breath away. As you glide through the water, the gentle sound of the motorboat combined with the unique sounds of the jungle help create an unforgettable and peaceful atmosphere. There are few views as memorable as this one, where you can feel deeply connected with nature and capture it all in one amazing moment.  So get your camera ready!


Torres del Paine excursion with Quasar Expeditions

Discover Torres del Paine National Park, found between the Andes Mountain range and the Patagonian Steppe in the Chilean side of Southern Patagonia, with Quasar Expeditions. Within its boundaries, the park holds a number of “grammable” glaciers, lakes, rivers and valleys, as well as the famed centerpiece, Cordillera del Paine, featuring  one of the most recognized rock formations known as Las Torres: the three towering rock formations that give the park its name.

Some of Quasar’s top Patagonia guides happen to be gifted and astute photographers. They know exactly where the best scenic overlooks are and know when you will get the best light based on the season.  They also know where to find wildlife such as condors, pumas, guanacos and rhea (South America’s ostrich equivalent). Travelers with an interest in photography are sure to enjoy the privacy aspect of their trip, experiencing Patagonia at their own pace, away from the crowds!