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Indulge in a Peruvian Culinary Experience with Condor Travel

In recent years, Peruvian gastronomy has become one of the most important in the world, gaining recognition and praises from international cuisine connoisseurs. Its unique flavors and textures draw people from around the globe to the country, who seek to experience the incomparable Peruvian taste. Through some fun and delicious activities, visitors can discover the one-of-a-kind spectrum of Peruvian cuisine, learning about its history, traditional recipes, most important ingredients and, of course, getting to taste some of its unrivaled flavors. If you’re looking to experience the world-famous Peruvian gastronomy, Condor Travel offers three excellent options that you won’t want to miss!

Huariques by Bike

This tour will take you biking around Miraflores to find some of the best ‘huariques’ in the district. ‘Huarique’ is a Peruvian word that describes small, off the beaten path restaurants, where traditional and family-style recipes are still the norm. With lots of flavor and very little fanfare, these places serve delicious meals, made with the country’s best and most typical ingredients. Bike around the lively Miraflores and discover some of these restaurants along its streets, where you will get to experience the mouthwatering flavors, colors and aromas of Peruvian food. It will be the perfect opportunity for you to explore the true essence of the country’s gastronomy. (Bike, helmet, earphones, water bottle, security kit and guide included).

Culinary Experience by Hotel B

Discover why Peru is considered the foodie capital of South America with Hotel B, a luxurious boutique hotel located in the heart of Barranco, Lima’s artistic and bohemian district. You will start with a visit to an upscale local market, where you will have the chance of sampling a broad variety of Peruvian fruit. Then, return to the hotel for a real treat: learn how to prepare Peru’s most iconic and timeless cocktail, Pisco Sour. After that, you will participate in a dynamic cooking lesson with the hotel’s chef, who will explain how some of the country’s most famous dishes are prepared.

Cooking and Pisco Experience by Marcelo Batata

A one-of-a-kind experience in Cusco. Visit Marcelo Batata, one of the city’s most renowned restaurants, and take part in a unique cooking experience. First, you will be taught about the history of Peruvian gastronomy, learning about its most important concepts and most exotic ingredients. Then, you will have a taste of some of the country’s most traditional cocktails: Pisco Sour and Chilcano. During the activity, the chef will offer you some Novo Andean snacks like stuffed potatoes, guinea pig, ‘causas’, among others. To finish your experience, you will learn how two of Peru’s most traditional dishes are made: Ceviche and Lomo Saltado, which -on this opportunity- will be prepared with alpaca meat. It will be a delicious and unforgettable experience in the Imperial City.