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Indulge in These Top Desserts with the JG Black Book Collection

While going on a vacation is a “sweet treat” in itself, for something even sweeter, discover the flavors and cuisine of a new destination by indulging in the local desserts. From rich, decadent cakes to salty and sweet combinations and savory cheeses, there are so many varieties of tastes to experience! So to help you figure out which desserts to try on your next venture, we’ve put together a list of top desserts to indulge in around the world with the JG Black Book Collection!


Pastries like Umm Ali at The Chedi Muscat: Embark on a culinary journey of memorable dining experiences complemented by the ambiance, service and vast choice of desserts at The Restaurant at The Chedi Muscat. The Chedi Muscat is renowned for its outstanding pastries, delighting guests with everything from locally inspired delicacies to innovative, seasonal macaroons flavored with the likes of black sea salt and caramel, frankincense and hazelnut with black olive. With its show kitchen concept, the pastry kitchen boasts house-made pastries, ice cream, sorbet, chocolate ganache, as well as traditional Omani treats like Umm Ali.


Tiramisù at Hotel FortysevenThe Tiramisù is one, if not the most famous Italian dessert in the world! In Italian, the meaning of the dessert’s name is “bring me up”, which is exactly what eating this delight will do for you! There are many varieties of the tiramisù dessert, from family recipes to types made with lemons to the modern and beautiful creamy version served in a glass at the Hotel Fortyseven in Rome, Italy. It is an absolute must-try while visiting or staying at the fabulous Hotel Fortyseven! Buon appetito!  


“Almond Rocks” at Grace Bay Resorts: For the top dessert that is unique to the Grace Bay Resorts in Turks & Caicos (Grace Bay Club and West Bay Club), guests must try the famous “Almond Rocks.” This refreshing dessert is made up of a scoop of creamy ice cream rolled in a sweet, nutty coating. It is sure to satisfy both your sweet and salty cravings and is the perfect cool treat to indulge in after a day spent relaxing on the warm, white Turks & Caicos sands.


Strawberry Trifle at The Stafford London: For a truly British dessert, guests at The Stafford London must stop by The Game Bird and sample the deliciously traditional Strawberry Trifle.  One of Britain’s most classic desserts, Executive Chef, James Durrant, has created a decadent version served with vanilla custard, Jersey cream, strawberry granita and almond financier.


Dulce de Leche Ice Cream with CasaSur Hotels: When staying at one of CasaSur’s three luxurious hotel properties in Buenos Aires, Argentina (CasaSur Bellini Hotel, CasaSur Palermo Hotel and CasaSur Recoleta Hotel), one must try the handmade ice cream served around the area. The top flavor to try is of course Dulce de Leche. This flavor of ice cream is a very common dessert in Argentina given the fact that Argentinians invented this sweet and delicious treat!


Coconut Sorbet at The Chedi Club Tanah Gajah: A visit to The Chedi Club Tanah Gajah in Ubud, Bali would not be complete without savoring Chef Dean’s famous Coconut Sorbet served on a bed of pineapple compote. The luscious, creamy texture of the coconut sorbet is unmatched and blends perfectly with the sweetness of the caramelized bites of the pineapple compote. Imagine having one while relaxing by the pool in the afternoon – pure heaven! And you can bet this is the best coconut sorbet served on the island!


Salted Cashew, Coffee and Pistachio Chocolate Cake at Elsa’s Kopje Meru: Before guests go out on a safari at Elewana’s Elsa’s Kopje Meru in Kenya, they are served a slice of one of their delectable cakes – the Salted Cashew, Coffee and Pistachio Chocolate Cake. The secret lies in the fact that the sponge is soaked in Arabica Kenyan Coffee syrup before it is iced with a Nutella and dark chocolate buttercream. This secret makes the cake even more delectable! The salted cashews and the sweetness of the Nutella buttercream balance the dish, which finishes on a high note with a kick from the Kenyan Coffee syrup. This is the perfect treat before experiencing the thrill of safari!


Zeppole at Vintage House: The famous Zeppole served at Vintage House in Yountville, California are a favorite amongst guests and visitors alike. Vintage House’s menu changes with each new season, but currently the property is featuring Zeppole alla Mora e Camomilla. These made-to-order Italian donuts are filled with a local blackberry conserva and finished with an orange chamomile curd and toasted pistachios. 


‘Suspiro a la Limeña’ | pc: Que Rica Vida

‘Suspiro a la Limeña’ with Condor Travel: Lima, since its beginnings, has been a city full of traditions. From its customs to its culture and people, there is a story to be found almost everywhere. Take the ‘Suspiro a la Limeña’ for example, a dessert that has been around since colonial times and proudly carries Lima in its name. Translated literally as “sigh like a Lima lady”, it was named by the Peruvian poet Jose Galvez Barrenechea after he tasted his wife’s delicious creation, which he gracefully considered was as soft and sweet as a woman’s sigh.

Made with a condensed milk base, sugar, cinnamon, eggs and port wine, it is a savory dessert that is enjoyed by Peruvians and, nowadays, people all over the world. The delicious and traditional ‘Suspiro a la Limeña’ has transcended its local popularity and, like the ample spectrum of Peru’s cuisine, is now a real treat for food connoisseurs all over the globe! Give it a try on your next trip with Condor Travel through Peru!

Quindim with Condor Travel: On your trip to Brazil with Condor Travel as your guide, you must give Quindim a taste! Quindim is a popular Brazilian baked dessert made chiefly from sugar, egg yolks, and ground coconut. It is a custard and usually presented as an upturned cup with a glistening surface and intense yellow color. The mixture can also be made in a large ring mold (like a Savarin mold), in which case it is called a “Quindão” and served in slices. The heavy use of egg yolks is characteristic of many Portuguese sweets and pastries, such as the papo de anjo (“angel’s double chin”) and fios de ovos (“egg threads”). This combination of coconut and sugar was probably created by African slaves in Northeast Brazil in the 17th century, when coconuts were abundant and sugarcane was a major industry.


Pastel de Nata | pc: Tapas Bites

Pastel de Nata or Sonhos Dreams at Azura Benguerra Island: Do not miss out on the dessert known as Pastel de Nata, a small egg tart pastry with a custard filling, when visiting Azura Benguerra Island in Mozambique. This delectable dessert can be eaten in three to four bites and is totally irresistible. Guests of Azura Benguerra Island should also try the Sonhos Dreams which is served on property! This delicacy known as Sonhos is a traditional dessert in the area and comprise of fried dough rolled in sugar, served with whipped cream.


Cheese Platter from The Chedi Andermatt’s Wine & Cheese Cellar: The Fromagier at The Chedi Andermatt creates wonderful cheese plates for their guests to indulge in after a meal. The Wine & Cheese Cellar is 5 meters high and has around 40 different kinds of cheeses with a total value of CHF 14’000! Most cheeses come from the local areas and farmers. The highlights include a Göschener semi-hard cheese from goat milk, which is exclusively produced for The Chedi Andermatt, and the cheese creation of a producer from Sedrun, with the extravagant mix of goat and cow’s milk with spicy washed rind.