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Independence Days Around The World

As the fourth of July is upon us, (can we say a BBQ  day?) here at JG Black Book, we were curious to learn more about how our friends around the globe celebrate their independence as well. So we’ve chosen 5 different destinations and took a deeper look into what Independence Day is all about and how they celebrate. Check it out!


Chile is home to our friends at explora and Quasar Expeditions. Chile achieved independence from Spain in 1810 and celebrates every year on September 18.  The country’s vibrant celebrations include food, music, parades, and historical reenactments.  The country holds “national parties” that can last for weeks. Important events include the national rodeo finals, which are held in Rancagua, and kite flying, which is held in Antofagasta.



Our friends Belize, located in Central America, hold “September Celebrations” every year since 1981 to honor both its independence from the U.K. and The Battle of St. George’s Caye. The celebrations include the Queen of the Bay beauty pageant, a citizens’ parade, and carnival of wild costumes and dancing in order to celebrate its native Mestizo and Maya culture.




Marrakech, Morocco is home to our friends at Selman Marrakech. Every year Morocco celebrates its Independence Day, the Eid Al Istiqulal, on November 18 to honor the return of their King Mohammed to Morocco. The Independence Day is a national holiday in Morocco, including a grand reception held at the imperial palace with colorful parades and street vendors selling traditional food.



Headquartered in Rome, our friends at Italy’s Best customize travel experiences throughout Italy, from Milan and Venice through Tuscany and Rome to the Amalfi Coast. Republic Day, also known as Festa della Repubblica in Italian, is a national holiday celebrated every year on June 2 in celebration of the day when Italians voted to abolish the monarchy in 1946. For many Italians, this is a day off of work and a day for events like ceremonies, military parades and laying a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, inside the Altare della Patria in Rome.



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Cabo San Lucas, Mexico is home to our friends at The Resort at Pedregal. Every year on September 16, the country celebrates the “Grito de Dolores,” or cry for independence from Spain that marked the beginning of the Mexican War for Independence in 1810. At 11 p.m., the president of Mexico goes to the National Palace in the capital, rings a bell, makes a cry of patriotism, honors the war heroes, and shouts “Viva México!” from the balcony to the 500,000 people assembled in the plaza below. Next, the citizens sing the national anthem. This unique ceremony is replicated around the country. The next day, festivities continue, including parades, marching band performances, concerts, and more.


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Enjoy your Independence Day!

– The JG Black Book Team