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Food Frenzy at Palazzo Parigi

In the Brera District in Milan, travelers wander down cobblestone streets, window shop through the beautiful boutiques and feast on the most extraordinary cuisine. It is the SoHo of Milan, incorporating art, fashion, luxury hotels and fine fare.

Our office “foodie,” David Corke, made us all desperately jealous – and hungry – as he feasted his way through Milan. And he stayed well-rested throughout his taste-bud tour with a stay at the luxurious Palazzo Parigi. His stories of food and adventure certainly left us hungry for more! Find out more below!

First things first…. What is your favorite local dish?

Hands down the Saffron Risotto! The saffron spices are used generously in this dish making the rice an intense shade of yellow. This traditional recipe triggers a deep feeling of nostalgia whenever I arrive in Milan bringing back very fond memories.. Also, to note, the perfect wine pairing for this creamy, Italian dish is a crisp, dry, white like a Sardinian Vermentino. Yum!


What is the signature dish at the Palazzo Parigi?

Two come to mind….

The Traditional Veal Milanese is amazing. The tender meat is pounded paper-thin with the fat left on the edges, then the dish is brightened with fresh tomatoes and arugula. The recipe is perfection and the beauty of the dish is the fresh ingredients. Guests around me were betting if I could eat it all or not. Some won, some lost!

Also, the on-property sushi chef makes the best sushi in Milan. Italians recently started to dabble into the sushi world and they’ve certainly done a good job.


What is the one ingredient that sets Italian food apart?

The olive oil is pure as can be. It is a florescent green color that glows like an illuminated light and it is simply amazing. Perfectly paired with some delicious fresh bread!

What is so special about the restaurant at the Palazzo Parigi?

The Gourmet Restaurant sets the stage for a true dining experience, with a glass “tunnel” that is reminiscent of a catwalk through which the food is delivered. The chef is set at the “hot spot” in the middle of the room, exposing guests to an intimate experience and refined dishes. The environment of the restaurant are beautifully complete with works of art ranging from the seventeenth to the nineteenth century and are inspired by the Italian neo-classical styles with hand painted ceilings and fine wood floors.

The restaurant will dazzle you with its beautiful private garden – a rare oasis of greenery to enjoy your meal.


The Last Supper…

I enjoyed my last evening with a delicious dinner in the garden. Scallops, pasta linguine and creamy peppery goodness consumed me during that meal. My stay at Palazzo Parigi was complete with a warm apple tart tatin and vanilla gelato, better known as, “tarte tatin di mela servita calda, gelato alla vaniglia.


Bon Appétit!

David Corke