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Elewana Collection Supports Land & Life’s Digital Migration for East Africa Schools

The Elewana Collection is thrilled to support the Land & Life Foundation and its digital migration for schools in East Africa. Last year, Land & Life established strategic partnerships with the Lewa Education Program in order to provide training on the use of government-issued tablets within all of Elewana’s supported schools. The goal is to raise a generation of computer literate conservationists that can keep up with the current trends in technology. To help achieve this goal, the Life & Land Foundation received a generous donation of 15 desktop computers from Elewana Collection, which are currently being distributed in groups of 3 desktops per school. The computers will benefit the faculty in a number of ways including printing, accessing teaching resources online and supporting the use of the tablets in the classrooms as a teaching aid.

The schools that have received computers include the Mwaroni Primary School in Diani, Ololomei Primary School in Mara North Conservancy, Embiti Primary School in Masai Mara, Esiteti Primary School in Amboseli, Ura Gate Primary School in Meru, and Kachiuru Primary school in Isiolo. Guests staying at the Elewana Collection camps, hotels, and lodges in these areas are welcome to visit the schools and meet the children, who love to welcome visitors from around the world with smiles and greetings of ‘Jambo,’ Kiswahili for ‘Hello’.

If you would like to support this initiative and help Elewana Collection bring East African rural areas into the digital age, you can kindly make a donation today!