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Earth Day 2019: Eco-Friendly Offerings with JG Black Book

Earth Day 2019 is all about protecting species and their habitats around the world. If we don’t take action now, the accelerating rate of extinction and the consequences of this phenomenon will continue to rise. With the ever-increasing need to protect our planet, we are so proud to share that our Collection Members are committed to conservation. From saving the coral reefs in Indonesia to improving beekeeping practices in Northern Kenya, the JG Black Book Collection is setting the bar high for environmental responsibility. Learn more about their initiatives below!

Bawah Reserve 

Bawah Reserve, a secluded luxury private archipelago off the coast of Singapore and only accessible by seaplane, recently launched The Bawah Anambas Foundation (BAF) that gives back to the community and surrounding areas above, below and beyond. The first all-inclusive luxury resort in its area is planning an Earth Day Celebration in parallel with its first anniversary April 19, 2019. Part of the foundation focuses on coral transplantation to foster and sustain the reef surrounding the property. This Earth Day, you can take part in a conservation dive and participate first hand in the saving of these unique creatures. In the evening, you will visit a bazaar run by local neighboring island community members who will sell personalized hand-painted reusable bags, BAF merchandise and other Anambas souvenirs, such as local batik and craft. Guests will be given “Bawah Money” to pre-purchase and spend at the bazaar.

Micato Safaris
The future of Africa is extremely important to Micato Safaris, after all, it is not just a destination to the company, it’s their home. The Pinto family has lived in Kenya for three generations and has been practicing and advocating sustainable tourism since Micato was founded in 1966. Micato is accountable to the local communities in the regions it travels and actively engages with and creates programs to foster sustainable, authentic preservation of those communities. Micato Safari Directors and Driver-Guides are in-charge with educating travelers in the ‘Leave No Trace’ philosophy, encouraging them to quietly and respectfully observe wildlife and dispose of trash responsibly while on safari—guides take the lead in disposing of it for them if necessary.

Micato also contributes to such conservation efforts as the East Africa Wildlife Society, (a group committed to promoting the conservation of East Africa’s wildlife and the environment), Kenya Wildlife Service (an organization that conserves and manages wildlife) and the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust— which focuses mostly on the life and habitats of elephants and rhinos but has played a significant role in Kenya’s conservation as a whole. Micato also chooses areas of high biodiversity value for its safari programmes and is careful to share these areas with guests without negatively impacting the land. Since Micato doesn’t own any property, the company has the freedom to choose hostelries that share the company’s values.

Elewana Collection

Protecting our planet, taking measures to save our environment and educating future generations on how to do the same, is of utmost importance to the Elewana Collection. Wherever possible, their properties use solar power, recycle water and source locally. They have taken action against plastic through their ‘Ban the Bottle’ initiative, eliminating all plastic water bottles from their properties. And last year they went to ‘War with the Straw’ and replaced all plastic straws with more eco-friendly and biodegradable alternatives. Part of protecting the environment is the creation of awareness. The Land and Life’s Wildlife Warrior Programme, for instance, is a long term investment into environmental and wildlife protection through a specially created curriculum that ensures future generations are well equipped to address challenges and do their part to safeguard our planet and it’s inhabitants.

Most recently, Elewana has partnered with Beemagic Ltd to source honey and beeswax products from pastoralist communities in the Ndoto Mountains and Loisaba Conservancy. The project is creating an additional source of income for pastoral communities while contributing to conservation. Traditional beekeepers go to extreme lengths to get honey – climbing the tallest trees and risking their lives. Open fires are often used to smoke out the bees, burning huge expanses of pristine forest. Beemagic and Elewana are working to try and improve beekeeping methods in Northern Kenya by providing training and equipment, which allows communities to increase the amount of honey they are producing, along with their income. They’ll also be learning safer beekeeping methods that will decrease the loss of biodiversity.

Sheldon Chalet 

Completely off-grid and a mere ten miles from the summit of North America’s tallest peak, Sheldon Chalet utilizes advanced efficiency and carbon-conscious system strategies to maintain luxury comfort levels for guests. Sheldon Chalet features unique solar, battery, fuel-oil generator and water production systems, with a Tulikivi soapstone heater that slowly emanates heat while maintaining humidity, so guests may enjoy that extra glass of bubbly without a dry throat. Sheldon Family Patriarch (and legendary Alaskan pilot) Don Sheldon’s vision for accommodations without harm to the environment has been realized, in his words “Where all that’s left behind is a few tracks in the snow”.