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Singita Ebony Lodge

  • As the original Singita lodge, Ebony stands steadfast amongst enormous trees on the banks of the Sand River in the heart of South Africa’s ‘big cat country.’ A blend of European heritage and African boldness welcomes visitors with the warmth of a much-loved family home.
  • Building Business for Long-Term Reward | Singita's philosophy of protecting and preserving large tracts of wilderness for future generations will be magnified more and more as pristine parts of the world continue to shrink or disappear completely in the face of population growth.
  • At the forefront of its support for education is Singita’s focused attention on enhancing the quality of education provided by local pre-schools. The Growing to Read programme ensures that pre-schools in local villages are provided with professional training and guidance by a dedicated trainer from The READ Educational Trust, a long-standing, non-profit organisation and recognized child development leader.