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Sheldon Chalet

Denali, Alaska

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Imagine awaking in a private chalet to a majestic view of Denali and sprawling Ruth Amphitheater. Come evening, the Aurora Borealis dance and shooting stars flash in the heavens above.

This is Alaska the Sheldon family way, a dream realized for one of Alaska’s most legendary pilots, Don Sheldon – a chance to share the very best of the Great Land with visitors on the only private land on Denali. Don was responsible for building the historic Sheldon Mountain House and now, 50 years later, his children carry out his vision, “Experience Grand,” bringing a fortunate few the soul-stirring natural wonder of Alaska in an ultra-personal, warmly designed manner.


A steel walkway suspended above the snow guides guests to the Sheldon Chalet, perched on 4.9 acres of ice and glacier-carved nunatak just 10 miles from the summit of Denali. An engineering marvel with amenities one might never dream possible on the face of a mountain, the chalet is deeply anchored in granite, iron and titanium, while inside, plush down comforters, pillows and sofas soften the ambience and invite cozy lounging and moments of connectedness with loved ones. Upstairs, five private bedrooms host a total of 10 guests – each with huge picture windows – downstairs, a common gathering space with a masonry-enclosed fireplace and jaw-dropping Alaska Range views.


A guest concierge is always on hand, and quick to offer a glass of champagne and a treat of Alaskan king crab, whether guests are relaxing after a busy adventure day, or simply relaxing and drinking in the grandeur of the natural geophysical wonders outside from the living room or the outdoor deck (where, of course, the warmest of down blankets are provided). Generous heat, a state-of-the-art and ecologic minded water system, electricity and carefully curated spa products satisfy creature comforts – to savor a traditional sauna at 6,000 feet is itself a divine experience. Attentive, excellent hospitality is a tribute to the distinctiveness of the chalet’s environment. World-class guides are ready to plan guests’ adventures and navigate alpine, and beyond, excursions.


Guests are invited to engage in many activities that can only be accomplished through access at the property. Whether it be unparalleled air tours of the stunning geography, glacier surface exploration and travel, invigorating geophysical experiences, traveling to additional points of local, natural and historical importance, dining on Alaskan delicacies prepared by the private chef, or simply watching the Aurora blaze above the Great One while at peace in the moment, each guest is certain to “Experience Grand” at the Sheldon Chalet.

Just outside the amphitheater, accessible for an additional charge but subject to seasonality, are historic mining areas, exclusive hiking, mountain biking, fishing and ski touring, incredible hot springs, local artisans, trappers lines, a mastodon bone yard, canyon picnic and terrain flights, among many options.


All Sheldon Chalet meals, hors d’oeuvres, and snacks are prepared by the private chef with personalized table service further assisted by staff. Menus include seasonal cuisine ranging from fresh Alaskan seafood, local foraged edibles, traditional preserved foods, to wild game prepared to be as memorable and stunning as the natural surroundings of Denali. A limited selection of complimentary house beer and wine will be available along with fine beer, wine and spirits of the world offered at market price. The number of guests around our hand built locally sourced birch wood table will be equal to the number of guests staying at the Chalet; a maximum of 10. A bar is available from which to sip beverages, view food preparation, and even query the chef at select preparation times. Both the surrounding adjacent chalet decks as well as the large observation deck are available for enjoying beverages and meal courses.


Surrounded by mountain magnificence, perched above an ancient river of ice, and located at the only private land on Denali, the Sheldon Chalet offers an unparalleled and exclusive holiday redefining experience found nowhere else on earth. Located at an elevation of 5755 feet the property is 4.9 acres of ice and glacier-carved nunatak that legendary glacier pilot Don Sheldon claimed more than 60 years ago while mapping the Alaska Range with Brad Washburn.