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Revealed America

National Parks of Western U.S., California, Alaska, New England and Western Canada

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Revealed America gets to the heart of your travel aspirations right from the get-go.

Tuning in to their clients’ wants and hopes is at the forefront of their planning process, resulting in no repeat itineraries, no stock vacation packages, but instead personally tailored vacations – whether that means quality time together as a family, an un-replicable honeymoon with stories worth telling future grandchildren or an out-of-the-park group get-together that exceeds every expectation. Revealed America believes that our planet’s wild places are like medicine for the soul – and, in many ways, a window into our own souls as we learn just how powerful and emotional it can be to stand on the rim of the Grand Canyon or drift over Alaska’s mammoth glaciers.

Why Revealed America

Revealed America is your insider guide to the marvelous beauty and adventure of North America. Their team will personally obsess over every detail of a trip until it is perfect – their advice is spot-on, up-to-the-moment, unbiased and fully vetted. They eliminate all the guesswork and headaches caused when one attempts to craft the perfect trip, sight unseen, for themselves. Instead, the Revealed America team delivers a properly paced itinerary that includes exclusive access to people and places and seamless routes brimming with highlights. They rely on trip-planning experts located in and around their featured destinations and hand-selected guides who are out in the field every day of the year.


When your canvas is the whole of North America, it’s a privilege to paint a picture of rare and stunning beauty for the most discerning of travelers. Founder Marty Behr and his Revealed America team have made it their mission to connect others with the continent’s national parks and wild spaces, from the lunar landscape of hoodoos in Bryce Canyon to California’s redwood skyscrapers, from the country roads of Vermont, exploding in riotous color each fall to Alberta’s iconic Icefields Parkway. All told, their tailored vacations offer access to National Parks of Western U.S., California, Alaska, New England and Western Canada.


The breadth of what Revealed America can arrange is endless, from quick weekend getaways to summer-long coast-to-coast adventures. Here’s but a sampling: Fly fish on the North Fork of the Flathead River before driving along Glacier National Park’s revered Going-to-the-Sun Road. Join the A-listers in Santa Barbara and take a guided sunset bike ride down Sulphur Mountain or ride horseback beside the Pacific’s crashing surf. Live out Olympic dreams on Whistler, British Columbia’s Callaghan Valley Nordic ski tracks. Soar above Mt. Denali by private plane or listen for the sound of “White Thunder” in Glacier Bay, Alaska as mammoth tidewater glaciers break off and plunge into the ocean. Dare yourself to dip into the 55-degree ocean at Sand Beach in Acadia National Park, Maine. Explore Cape Cod by bicycle or try your hand at lobstering in the Atlantic. Revealed America unveils the hidden gems of our continent, from sea to shining sea.

Special Interests

From family trips with the youngest children to journeys focused on local food tours and wine tasting, Revealed America jumps at the chance to arrange special-interest travel. For families, unhurried time together is key, perhaps at one of our nation’s natural playgrounds: our national parks. The most active of travelers are tempted with rafting, riding, skiing, scaling – maybe canyoneering near Zion or surfing off the coast of Carmel. Gourmet appetites are satiated with food tours, chef’s tasting, hands-on cooking classes and lingering afternoons at wineries and microbreweries.

Honeymooners are spoiled with private moments – think quiet picnics overlooking the brilliantly colored canyons of Canyonlands National Parks or feasting and toasting their way through Napa. Animal lovers cavort with wildlife in the American West – black bears and elk, polar bears and wolves, even humpback and beluga whales.

Roadtrippers are privy to Revealed America’s extensive road research and treated to a mix of freedom, discovery and the chance to experience little-seen vistas, charming small towns, and hidden gems. And, at the heart of this land, Native Americans and Native Alaskans share their respect and reverence for the wondrous beauty and natural bounty of the American West, California, and Alaska.