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Quasar Expeditions

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    We’re proud to announce that our Collection member, Quasar Expeditions, was voted the #1 Small-Ship Ocean Cruise Line in the World by Travel + Leisure! This family-run line has... Learn More
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    From the abundant wildlife in the Amazon Jungle to the rich culture of the cosmopolitan city of Lima and the wonders of Machu Picchu high in the Andes Mountains,... Learn More
  • Important Upgrades to Quasar Expeditions’ Yachts

    Quasar Expeditions spends a great deal of time & resources upgrading its yachts, to insure we continue to provide our valued passengers with two of the very best yachts... Learn More
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    The JG Black Book Collection boasts a number of family-friendly properties and destinations that make stress-free adventure and luxury travel with the kids possible! So before you pencil in... Learn More
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    Sometimes the best experiences and opportunities for adventure exist just beyond a destination, making for the perfect day trip. From an excursion to encounter exotic wildlife in a national... Learn More
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    Wondering what delicious drink to serve at your next summer bash that will wow your guests? Or simply looking to enjoy the summer breeze over a refreshing cocktail on your back porch?... Learn More
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    If you are as travel-obsessed as we are, your Instagram feed is probably flooded with beautiful travel accounts.  In one scroll, you can go from biking in the valleys of... Learn More
  • Summer Camp in Paradise… Adventure For All Ages

    This past summer, JG’s own Julie Owens had the opportunity to go on an amazing summer camp-like excursion with Quasar Expeditions. This adventurous travel experience allowed Julie to explore... Learn More
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    It’s been a momentous and memorable year hasn’t it!? From weddings, and graduations, and family reunions and babies! There’s always a reason to celebrate and that’s why this month,... Learn More
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    Summer cannot be complete without the best cocktails to brighten up your evening! We have asked our JG Black Book partners to give us the lowdown on this summer’s... Learn More
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    PURE Life Experiences is a travel trade show that honors the world’s most innovative, inspiring, and passionate creators of unique travel experiences. The JG Black Book team is proud... Learn More
  • Quasar Week – Foodie Friday: Best Chocolate in the World

    So it’s Friday. Which means it’s cheat day right? Well, us JG Black Book-ers think Friday is the perfect date to indulge a little bit. There’s nothing better than... Learn More
  • Quasar Week – Tales from the Yacht: Experiences of a Lifetime

    Many of us at JG Black Book have had the great fortune of embarking on worldy travels and having life-changing experiences—especially ones we want to share with all of... Learn More
  • Quasar Week – Travel Necessities:The 5 Must Do’s While Visiting the Galapagos

    It’s the start of Quasar Week and JG Black Book is looking forward to taking you to the land of beautiful vistas, exotic animals, and exciting adventures—the Galapagos. Our... Learn More
  • Photo Friday: Exploring the Galapagos Islands with Quasar Expeditions

    The Galápagos Islands are a kaleidoscope of nature’s most unspoiled treasures—perfectly preserved since the days of Charles Darwin’s first explorations. The JG Black Book team invites you to enjoy... Learn More
  • Photo Friday: Exploring Patagonia with Quasar Expeditions

    Located at the southern end of South America, Patagonia is a delightful destination for the most discerning traveler. This majestic area is shared by Chile and Argentina–a beautiful backdrop... Learn More
  • Photo Friday: Foodie Week: The Ultimate Global Cookbook Part I

    With the help of our wonderful partners, the JG Black Book team has collected, compiled, and created the ultimate Global Cookbook. You’ll be able to enjoy mouth-watering food photography... Learn More
  • Photo Friday: Top 8 Places to Celebrate Summer by the Sea

    Something magical seems to happen when the warm weather arrives. Tons of smiles, shades, and shorts and here at JG Black Book, we honestly couldn’t be happier. While many... Learn More
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    After a week of posts geared towards sustainability, the day we have been waiting for has finally arrived: World Water Day! At JG Black Book we’re choosing to observe... Learn More