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Quasar Expeditions

Ecuador, Galapagos, Peru

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The Galápagos Islands are a kaleidoscope of nature’s most unspoiled treasures – perfectly preserved since the days of Charles Darwin’s first explorations.

And now travelers may discover the Galapagos much the way Darwin did aboard Quasar Expeditions’ two luxurious, yet environmentally conscious yachts. Both the M/Y Grace and the M/V Evolution have a similar exclusive allure to them, where guests enjoy the same level of personalized service, delicious gastronomy (local and international), top – rated  naturalists, ample cabins and spacious social areas. For the trip of a lifetime, combine our cruises with unique tailor-made experiences throughout Ecuador and Peru. Discover these two Andean countries with our exclusive programs, including a one of a kind 7-night gastronomic experience in the land of the Incas.



Though they give guests the feel, personalized attention and high-end comforts of a classic, private yachts M/Y Grace and M/V Evolution have an informal, relaxed charm to them. The elegant M/V Evolution, which received a full cabin upgrade in 2012, accommodates up to 32 passengers in three suites, nine premium staterooms and four deluxe staterooms. The glamorous M/Y Grace, once owned by Her Serene Highness Princess Grace of Monaco, accommodates up to 18 passengers in four suites and five premium staterooms. Both yachts boast spacious cabins with private bathrooms and luxurious amenities.



With an impressive crew-to-guest ratio, the M/V Evolution and M/Y Grace both provide personalized, attentive service. Naturalist guides are experts on the Galápagos and will tailor journeys based on guests’ interests or will spontaneously change course to ensure wildlife encounters. Outdoor spaces are expansive, including alfresco dining, bar and lounge areas, Jacuzzis and deck chairs for sunbathing — all prime spots to take in the breathtaking views. At the Kids Club, children enjoy learning activities, board games, movie nights and star-gazing programs.



Small-group travel ensures a more intimate interaction with the Galapagos wildlife, much like the way Darwin experienced the islands. Our itineraries keep guests away from large ships and crowds. Go sea kayaking in rich mangroves or snorkeling in quiet coves; play with sea lions on pristine beaches or hike to inland lagoons in search of flamingoes. Marvel at sculpted lava flows. Watch birds, turtles, penguins and iguanas up close. Tailor-made excursions in Ecuador and Peru add a whole other dimension to your South America Experience.


Trip Extensions in Ecuador and Peru

Extending your stay in Ecuador or nearby Peru for even a short time can render rich rewards in a region that is home to thriving indigenous cultures, ancient Incan temples, fine examples of Spanish Colonial architecture, the spectacular Andean mountain range and the western edge of the Amazon basin. Our new gastronomic experiences in Peru add a whole new dimension to the already popular Galapagos & Machu Picchu tour combination.



A host of gastronomical treats awaits guests at mealtime. Both vessels provide buffet-style dining for breakfast, lunch and dinner, prepared by specially trained chefs who incorporate Ecuador’s exotic fruits, fresh vegetables and delectable fish and seafood. Dine inside or alfresco and enjoy the company of other guests who share your passion for nature and adventure.



Quasar Expeditions is fully aware of how important it is to apply sustainable tourism practices. Both the M/V Evolution and M/Y Grace have complete waste and water treatment plants and state-of- the-art water filtering systems (no plastic bottles on board). Quasar Expeditions trains and employs local staff at each of our destinations. We also support various charitable causes
such as: Ecuador’s SUYANA through which local indigenous communities create and sell beautiful handmade scarves which in turn provide education, medical and other necessities to the Ecuadorian people; Scouts of Galapagos; The Carbon Fund, Tread Lightly; Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, Make a Wish Foundation, and more.



Quasar Expeditions operates small ship cruises to the Galapagos Islands, located 600 miles-west of the Ecuadorian Mainland in the Pacific Ocean, as well as land excursions in Ecuador, Peru, Chile and Patagonia.