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Designed for those world travelers who relish an exceptional luxury experience, yet who yearn for the outdoors, The Ultimate Travelling Camp unlocks the mysteries of India’s most intriguing and untouched destinations.

The camps are crafted to take in the beautiful diversity of the countryside, seamlessly combining a fantasy nomadic lifestyle with an uber-luxury tent stay. Each camp celebrates the indigenous culture and traditions of the region and all itineraries are thoughtfully created to reflect this, as well as the interests of the guests – special celebration trips are easily and enthusiastically arranged, whether a wedding or a milestone birthday.

At Kohima Camp, Nagaland, guests are treated to the annual Hornbill Festival, during which all 16 tribes of Nagaland come together to showcase their rich heritage and culture in a colorful display. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience the Naga culture, including its music, hunting traditions, fashion, cuisine, sporting events and more. Kohima Camp, Nagaland is open seasonally from November 29 through December 12.



Strategically placed tents line the mountain slopes in Nagaland, each of the 17 luxury suite tents are fabulously appointed in muted desert colors and furniture & fittings inspired from the Raj. The Hornbill Festival is held just a few minutes’ drive from the campsite, yet guests feel removed enough to enjoy a sense of peace and privacy during the bacchanalia of the festival. The camp setup is entirely exclusive, including guests’ suite tents, the restaurant tent and the reception tent – yet the whole experience blends peacefully into the natural environment. Each is climate controlled according to individual preferences and boasts a private deck for stunning views.



Befitting a luxury tent experience, each suite tent comes with personalized private butler service, to cater to every whim and fancy. The reception tent at each camp offers a boutique, a well-stocked library and complimentary Wi-Fi service. Within the dining tent, guests are treated to regional, Indian and international cuisine. Guests will be provided with their own private guide, chauffeur and vehicle. The Kohima Camp also boasts 24-hour security, an exclusive lounge, solar energy, an in-house excursion specialist, a library and more.



Several itineraries are available and may be individually tailored to guests’ personal interests, making for a perfect blend of adventure and leisure time. Of course, a highlight here is the Hornbill Festival itself, an immersive look into the unique Naga way of life. The festival is a cultural mosaic of events, complete with a motor rally, wrestling, archery, a literary fest, chili-eating contests and pole-climbing competitions. Beyond the festival, guests may explore typical tribal log houses, enjoy the music of the many Naga rock bands, shop for local treasures in the night bazaar, wander through the charming Kigwema village of the Angami Tribe and visit the Kohima World War II cemetery, site of a decisive allied victory during the second world war.



Dining at The Ultimate Travelling Camp locations is largely based on the produce grown in villages in the vicinity of the camp location; the chef uses the freshest ingredients to prepare world-class cuisine for discerning palates. An in-house bakery provides fresh bread and cakes each day. While special dietary requirements are certainly taken into account, the staff aims to pamper and please with epicurean delights. Barbecue dinners at the common bay area are also available. Our chefs offer culinary classes to share our secret recipes.



Kohima Camp, Nagaland is located in the northeast frontiers of India, near the Japfu Mountain Range, at an altitude of approximately 6,600 feet. The camp is a three and half hour drive from the Dimapur Airport, which is well connected to Kolkata.

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