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Jaagir Lodge, Dudhwa

Uttar Pradesh, India
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Designed for those world travelers who relish an exceptional luxury experience, yet who yearn for an outdoor camp setting, The Ultimate Travelling Camp unlocks the mysteries of India’s most intriguing and untouched destinations.

The camps are crafted to take in the beautiful diversity of the countryside, seamlessly combining a fantasy nomadic lifestyle with an uber-luxury tent stay. Each camp celebrates the indigenous culture and traditions of the region and all itineraries are thoughtfully created to reflect this, as well as the interests of the guests – special celebration trips are easily and enthusiastically arranged, whether a wedding or a milestone birthday.

TUTC, having redefined the concept of glamping in India, is delighted to extend its philosophy of luxury experiences to lodges and palaces. TUTC is expanding its footprint with the launch of a rebranded luxury jungle lodge experience – Jaagir Lodge, Dudhwa – nestled deep in the rainforests of the Terai, in Uttar Pradesh, India.

Jaagir Lodge, Dudhwa boasts the life-changing opportunity for wildlife enthusiasts to come face to face with Bengal tigers, one-horned rhinos, Indian crocodiles, 12-horned deer, tigers and more. Nestled deep in the rain forests of the Terai, the enchanting lodge combines a colonial tranquility with modern comforts. From this gateway, guests have access to India’s four distinct forest reserves, Dudhwa, Katarniaghat, Kishanpur and Pilibhit, which forms the nucleus of Billy Arjan Singh’s “Project Tiger.”


Depending on the experience one seeks, Jaagir Lodge offers both supremely comfortable luxury rooms in its 1940s main building and atmospheric thatched-roof villas, perfect for a more personalized holiday. Within the guest rooms and suites, amenities include a wide pillow selection, customized bath accessories, hot and cold running water, a mini coffee maker and, in some cases, a semi-private veranda. The spacious, stand-alone villas, designed in the style of the Terai, are built for to accommodate up to five guests and boast a lovely outdoor seating area, hand-crafted furnishings, plush armchairs, charming writing desks and a selection of games.


From its grass-enclosed machan platform perfectly positioned for bird watching, to an activity center where a dedicated team of naturalists are always on hand to discuss the region’s flora, fauna, culture and history, Jaagir Lodge prioritizes genuine and deep connections to its surroundings. When one is not on safari, there’s time for lounging by the sinuous swimming pool, surrounded by the lush jungle, and browsing the well-curated library, stocked with fiction, nonfiction and animal identification books and wildlife documentaries. And when it’s time to let those back home in on the lodge’s wonders, Internet access makes it easy to send photos and email.


Days at this jungle oasis may be spent on thrilling game drives, hikes on guided nature trails with resident naturalists, cycling around sugarcane farms, riding elephants in search of the one-horned rhino, taking boat rides to see gharials hunting in shallow waters, meeting the local Tharu tribe, who describe themselves as “people of the forest,” and so much more. Visit Tanda Village and explore the flora and fauna of Kishanpur Wildlife Sanctuary. And at day’s end, regale fellow travelers with stories of your discoveries over sundowners and the sun slips below the horizon.


As immersive an encounter as the ones you’ll have with the Indian wilderness surrounding Jaagir Lodge, dining is a complete safari experience, where wonderfully crafted epicurean menus are complemented by breathtaking natural settings. Global cuisine highlights herbs and vegetables from the lodge’s own garden and menus cover all tastes, from roasted meats and gnocchi to upma porridge and dosa pancakes. The lodge’s master chef relies on time-tested home recipes as well as cutting-edge cuisine for the most discerning of gourmands. And best of all – guests can take home a taste of India, thanks to one-on-one cooking lessons.


Jaagir Lodge is located in Uttar Pradesh, India, 7 kilometers north of Dudhwa National Park.