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In a vast and everchanging world, travel can be the ultimate unifier, bringing us together and broadening our understanding and appreciation of our planet. Global CommUnity was founded on the premise that traveling acts as a classroom to teach us that as much as we are all different, we are also the same.

Their packaged-travel itineraries focus on learning about other cultures, history and customs, experiencing new places through age-appropriate cultural immersion, relating to local people and wildlife and serving others through meaningful give-back opportunities. Guests’ curiosity is piqued with comprehensive pre-trip engagement materials – perhaps books, music and recipes reflective of one’s destination – then sated with chances to connect with new cultures through spiritual practices and customs, and learning how other cultures are healing wounds, solving social issues and renewing natural resources. Through these very real, down-to-earth interactions, “foreigners” become friends and our world view grows exponentially.

Why CommUnity

Let’s face it – the world is a large and intimidating place when you’re trying to decide where and when to travel. Global CommUnity is taking the guesswork out of the equation and instead thoughtfully helping families plan future exploration of cultures, traditions, natural wonders and thrilling experiences that will inform the character of a true world citizen.

They’ve organized their itineraries into adults-only, families with young children 12 and under and families with teenagers, all with extensive pre-trip destination engagement materials presented in a relatable manner. They’ll assist families in mapping out and scheduling their most important life journeys – both as individuals and together as a family – and use their local, on-the-ground expertise to focus on the heart and soul of each destination. Plus, travelers will have an opportunity to make a meaningful contribution to the betterment or preservation of the destination and its inhabitants.


Global CommUnity offers itineraries in many of the world’s most intriguing cities, awe-inspiring national parks, rugged mountain ranges, incredible reefs, dense jungles and vast savannahs. Tour the Colosseum in Rome then take part in a “sword fight” while learning what life was really like for these gladiators. Paint Faberge eggs in St. Petersburg. Set out by rowboat on the Mekong River in Saigon to visit floating markets and enjoy lunch in a private home in a local village. From Mexico to Morocco, Colombia to Cape Town, these trips aim to keep families together and create global citizens with hearts that embrace and celebrate diversity.

Purposeful Itineraries

Seven-night journeys are available in three versions (families with younger children, families with teenagers and adults-only travelers) and typically two price points (4-star and 5-star), with optional add-on days and experiences and a meaningful give-back opportunity at each destination. Pre-trip, travelers receive destination engagement materials – younger children will receive a handmade Global CommUnity doll with a storybook sharing the tale of a similarly aged child at the destination, while teens receive post-worthy applications to help them share their excitement and fuel their curiosity. And not to be left out, adults and parents receive a curated media selection – from movies to music to novels – designed to prime the mental pump before adventure.

Life Travel Map

Just as important as anything children will learn in school is feeding the curiosity and compassion that will help them mature into responsible global citizens. A worthy goal, to be sure, but one that takes planning. Global CommUnity suggests that the key years for travel with your child are ages 5 to 18, the time when they will most remember and learn from globetrotting experiences. That’s why they offer Life Travel Map, an interactive digital map that details up to 15 years of key recommended trips for families based on information culled from personal interviews and based on interests, priorities and resources. Travelers then receive a personalized digital map with suggested itineraries and a timeline for scheduling those journeys, enabling families who want to see the world travel better together.