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Declare Your Travel Independence with JG Black Book

We’re kicking off the summer by declaring our travel independence with the #JGBBCollection. What does that mean? We are passionate about the independent hotels, resorts and operators that walk their own path; that are free to create the type of experiences that we all long for.

Travel independence is experiencing a destination in its most authentic state. Absorbing local culture and traditions. Going off the beaten path and obtaining a worldliness that is beyond measure.

Condor Travel

Travel independence is tasting the flavors that define a destination. Becoming familiar with faraway kitchens and recipes from past generations.

Hotel Fortyseven

Travel independence is interacting with the welcoming natives, who are so full of pride and joy when they share stories of their heritage.

Ansova Travel

Travel independence is sleeping amongst the wildlife in their natural habitats and waking up to capture that incredible photo that you’ve always dreamed of.

Elephant Pepper Camp

Travel independence is spending the day in an unfamiliar place and then resting at night in a place that so perfectly reflects its time and place – the very opposite of cookie-cutter and corporate.

The Ultimate Travelling Camp

Travel independence is participating in the exclusive, cultural activities that set these freewheeling hotels apart. Because after all, travel is measured by what we learn from our experiences.

The Chedi Andermatt

Travel independence is being savvy and getting to know the staff, who work day and night to accommodate your every need. Ask them for insider advice – it’s bound to be the best you’ve ever received.

The Chedi Club Tanah Gajah

Travel independence is what we stand for. We hope you declare it with us.