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Cold Weather Activities Around the World

Baby, it’s cold outside, but worry not because JG Black Book’s collection of winter wonderland destinations will have ready to face the elements. Whether you prefer to showboat your inner Olympic figure skater at The Somerset House skating rink that the Stafford London highly recommends, or accept all that life has to offer when you stay at The Chedi Andermatt – who arranges your own personal chauffeur-driven Porsche to Realp for Swiss delicacies – you’re guaranteed to bask in the splendor of winter with our list of the most coveted cold weather destinations.


Jávri Lodge

Even though the temperature in the Laplands drops to a minus 35, believe it or not, Jávri Lodge invites you to take a refreshing dip in an icy waterhole. It requires a certain amount of courage to dive in, however, thousands of Finns champion the health benefits of the extreme cold since the 17th century – something that can be experienced at Jávri Lodge today, if you visit Finland for the first time. Got courage? A combination of icy cold water and the comfort of an authentic Finnish sauna awaits you, and the absolute euphoria that follows.


The Stafford London

It’s no secret that London gets pretty cold over the winter months, but that’s no reason for you to stop having fun! According to The Stafford London, one of the most favorite festive outdoor destinations in the Capital is without a doubt the Somerset House Ice Rink. Day or night, visitors can apres-skate in the stately surroundings of the iconic neoclassic Somerset House, which is beautifully decorated by thousands of dazzling lights and a majestic Christmas tree that stands at 40 feet tall in the middle of the skating rink. And on selected nights throughout the season, the rink becomes an open-air party destination with DJs playing the best skating soundtrack from a rink-side booth. This skating experience is the perfect combination of culture and entertainment!


The Chedi Andermatt

Enjoy an authentic fondue experience under the starry sky of Andermatt and lose yourself in the pleasure of Swiss delicacies. A chauffeur-driven Porsche will pick you up in style from The Chedi Andermatt and take you to Realp. After changing into snowshoes, a pleasant walk through a winter wonderland will take you to a wonderfully cozy, rustic Alpine hut. You will be greeted with an aperitif, then served an authentic Swiss cheese fondue. Do not miss out on the coffee with schnapps, which is a popular beverage at this time of year. After the gourmet indulgences, hand-carried fire torches will light the way to the Porsche for your return journey back to The Chedi Andermatt. Continue to enjoy the warmth throughout the evening in one of the many fireplaces at the hotel.

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Global CommUnity

Shimmering ice sculptures, deep blue caves, and winding caverns of ice are some of the amazing sights you’ll see as Global CommUnity‘s experienced glacier guides lead you to discover Iceland. To help you and your family explore this land of hidden wonder, Global CommUnity offers short hikes at the base of a glacier, ice cave focused walks, and more immersive hikes up into the icefall areas of glaciers.

Photo Credit: Svinafellsjokull Ice Cave by Mark Hoey


Sheldon Chalet

On nearly every glacier excursion at Sheldon Chalet, the views are as different as they are spectacular. Seasoned guides will lead you through the glaciers, seeking new and incredible perches throughout the 35 square-mile natural amphitheater, located just a mere 10 miles from the summit of Denali. Take in all the magnificence while sipping on a hot beverage and digging into delicious Alaskan king crab cakes all while comfortably reclining on a snow coach wrapped in down blankets at the Glacier Lounge.


Quasar Expeditions 

Glacier grey kayaking in Torres del Paine is a half-day excursion that can be done either in the morning or in the afternoon. It is guided by Quasar Expeditions‘ specialists and is considered a mid-level activity, but can be considered a difficult activity when there are strong winds. The day begins with a boat ride across Grey Lake that takes about 45 minutes until you reach Grey Shelter, where you’ll disembark. From the shelter and after a safety briefing, you’ll embark on kayaks for a 2.5-hour excursion in front of the wall of the mighty Glacier Grey.

The glacier is at the south end of the Southern Patagonia Ice Field and on the west side of the Torres del Paine National Park. This kayak expedition involves paddling around the large floating icebergs (which may not be present during all times of the year), aiming towards the east side of the glacier and getting pretty close to the giant ice wall. While you are resting and enjoying this incredible place, your guide offers a snack and warm beverages. 

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