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Elewana Arusha Coffee Lodge & The Manor at Ngorongoro Get Certified Coffee Plantations

Elewana Arusha Coffee Lodge is hidden amongst one of Tanzania’s oldest and largest coffee plantations, the Burka Coffee Estate, established in 1899 by German settlers and purchased much later by a group of Swiss investors in 1929. The Estate manages 342 HA of Arabica coffee, with which they have adopted an active and profound corporate responsibility while maintaining the consistent quality that makes Burka Coffee Estates a trusted specialty coffee producer. The name Burka is derived from the springs found on the farm, which provide water for irrigation as well as the local communities.

For guests staying at Elewana Arusha Coffee Lodge, there is an exciting and informative coffee tour that takes place within the grounds of the lodge, weaving in and out of the evergreen coffee bushes. The coffee guide explains how the bean is nurtured, harvested, dried and finally roasted to produce a myriad of different blends that satisfy the taste of the most ardent of coffee connoisseurs. And the best part of the sixty-minute tour is the preparation of the coffee for that all-important taste test. 

Elewana The Manor at Ngorongoro is situated on the Shangri-La Estate, home to Ngorongoro Mountain Coffee and located in the lush highlands of Northern Tanzania, 1700 meters above sea level. Named after the famous novel, Lost Horizon, and purchased by a group of Danish Germans after being owned previously by the British after World War II, the estate was revived in order to produce the renowned coffee that we have today. The crystal-clear untreated water from the forest along with the climate and exceptionally fertile volcanic soil all contribute to the vast growth and uniquely mild flavored of the Mountain Coffee.

While staying at Elewana The Manor at Ngorongoro, guests can stroll through the plantation of Shangri-La farm, learning the history and everyday processes of coffee making followed by the “bean to cup” method. A traditional hand roasting station is set up to witness how coffee beans were roasted in the old days on a Jiko, or local Swahili stove. The tour ends in The Manor’s gardens with estate cheese and charcuterie accompanied by sparkling wine. 

All the coffee harvested is UTZ certified, meaning products have been sourced from farm to shop to shelf and follow the Code of Conduct, where guidance for better farming methods, working conditions and care for nature is expertly offered. The estates are also certified for Coffee and Farmer Equity (C.A.F.E.) practices, where rewards are given only to those who produce high-quality, sustainably-grown coffee for Starbucks stores.