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Celebrate International Women’s Day with the JG Black Book Collection

March is National Women’s History Month where female accomplishments, goals, trends and challenges are celebrated across the world. In a nod to today being International Women’s Day, we put the spotlight on just a few of JG Black Book’s Women In Travel to celebrate their passionate quest to explore and inspire travelers to experience the wonders of the world!

Jena Gardner, President and CEO of JG Worldwide

Entrepreneur, travel industry icon and mother of triplets, Jena turned a lifelong passion for travel into a thriving enterprise. Over 20 years ago Jena started championing boutique independently-owned properties and travel companies that she believed were doing something powerful and unique in the hospitality industry. Jena’s mission today is to lead the world to inspired destinations that have the power to ignite the spirit and enrich the soul.


Khin Omar Win, Founder of Eastern Safaris

From a career with The United Nations to traveling the globe, Khin Omar has been inspired by some of the world’s most remote areas and landscapes. She is a pioneer in challenging borders and opening up unique destinations including Myanmar with her famous launch of “Balloons over Bagan”, Chile’s Atacama Desert with “Balloons over Atacama” and opening a hotel in the happiest country in the world, Bhutan. Omar’s dream of sharing Bhutan’s natural wonders and deep spirituality became a reality in 2013 with the launch of the award-winning Gangtey Lodge.


Chitra Stern, Founder of Martinhal Family Hotels & Resorts in Portugal

Entrepreneur, motivational speaker and mother of four, Chitra Stern created Martinhal Family Hotels & Resorts with families in mind and to offer a luxury holiday experience with high quality, family-friendly facilities in some of the most beautiful areas in Portugal. With a pulse on what’s trending in the family market and a passion for Portugal, Chitra has made it her mission to put thought, personal care and detail into every aspect of the Martinhal brand, which is today recognized as one of the leading family hospitality brands.


Christie Holmes, Co-Founder of Global CommUnity

From an educator to an artist to an expert travel consultant, Christie had a desire early on to connect children and families with new and different cultures. Getting ready to launch Global CommUnity in 2018, she is a visionary with a passion for cultural renewal and enabling families to broaden their worldview by engaging others at home and abroad. Global CommUnity is a new thoughtful travel company, coming soon, that will tap into a gap in the market and specialize in offering families purposeful and immersive itineraries to destinations around the globe and with an impact on local communities.