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Celebrate Earth Day with JG Black Book

With climate change in full effect, it is important that we increase efforts to take care of the world we live in now more than ever. Almost half a century ago, Earth Day began as an effort to raise awareness of the environment and its deteriorating conditions – today, it is an internationally recognized movement and the largest civic-focused day of action in the world. To some, this means marching or petitioning with elected officials. To others, this means planting trees or cleaning up towns. In 2018, the Earth Day Network is calling for a focus on ending plastic pollution in an effort to eliminate the plastics that contaminate Mother Earth and negatively affect the health of the humans and animals that live here.

Many of our clients at JG Black Book implement conservation and sustainability practices all year-round. In honor of this monumental day, we’ve compiled a list of our top 5 environmentally-friendly properties around the globe to inspire you for Earth Day 2018.


Condor Travel

Condor Travel has a non-stop commitment to the environment. With everything from booking, transportation, and accommodations to simply enjoying a meal, traveling generates 5% of the carbon footprint. To offset this, Condor Travel offers its passengers the option of acquiring a carbon bond, which will help mitigate 1 ton of carbon dioxide, the average amount generated during one trip. By donating the money from the purchase, the company contributes to the protection of the Amazon Rainforest through a project carried out by a specialized association and the Peruvian government. Thanks to this magnificent initiative, the company has maintained its Rainforest Alliance accreditation every year – an important international recognition for its ongoing Corporate Social Responsibility commitment.


Elewana Collection

Last year, Elewana Collection joined the “Ban the Bottle” initiative and introduced stainless steel water bottles to help reduce Elewana’s carbon footprint. In an additional effort to reduce plastic waste, Elewana has taken a stand and no longer uses plastic straws on its properties. Plastic straws have been replaced with biodegradable ones that decompose in 90-120 days. All Elewana guests are given a choice: to use a biodegradable straw or no straw at all. Elewana aspires to be the change, and encourages its guests to join its War with the Straw.


The Chedi Muscat

The watering system of the stunning green gardens is one of the biggest environmentally-friendly features at The Chedi Muscat. The falaj-inspired system of recycled waterways and gardens runs through the 21-acre resort, paying homage to the traditional irrigation systems used by Omanis throughout the centuries. Reusing and recycling alternative water supplies is a key part of reducing pressure on water resources and the environment.


The Stafford London

The Stafford London is dedicated to supporting green initiatives throughout the hotel and its environs. The property launched a ‘Stafford Cares’ Green Team who has created a set of objectives and initiatives to reduce the company’s environmental impact. These include the removal of any unnecessary plastic (e.g. straws) and recycling of glass, paper and other biodegradable products, along with implementing best industry practices in the housekeeping department. The hotel has also become a member of the Sustainable Restaurant Association and is working to select sustainable suppliers, as well as ensuring good practice with existing ones. Last year, The Stafford London began collaborating with Cowdray Estate, who have become a supplier of locally sourced products for The Game Bird. The Estate’s commitment to caring for its land and concern for animal welfare are an inspiration for the environmentally-conscious Stafford London.


47 Boutique Hotel

47 Boutique Hotel is focused on integrating environmental sustainability throughout both its hotel operations and staff training. A comprehensive set of practices have been put in place, designed to reduce energy use, consumption and waste, and to lessen the negative impact on the environment wherever possible. Specific initiatives include reducing temperature and water for laundry operations, using smart thermostats to shut down heating and cooling, separating recycling, use of electronic amenities, coupons for changing linen, and encouraging guests to explore local attractions via public transportation, bicycle, or on foot by by providing information on walking routes, or creating bike tours.