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The Best Ways To Feel Rejuvenated In The New Year With The JG Black Book Collection

“New year, new you,” so the saying goes! We’re sharing some of the best ways to feel rejuvenated post last year’s holiday craze with the JG Black Book Collection below. From indulgent, revitalizing massages in tranquil settings around the globe to a refreshing, re-energizing mountain boot camp in the Swiss Alps, there are many ways to kick start your 2018 health and wellness resolutions with us!

A Body & Soul Wine Experience in Mendoza with Condor Travel: Once the holiday craze has come to an end, it’s time for a little pick-me-up that will make you feel refreshed as you resume your everyday activities. And in Mendoza, Argentina, you can find the best possible experience to help you revitalize your body and mind. At Entre Cielos Luxury Wine Hotel + Spa – a magnificent place overlooking the majestic Andean snow peaks – you can enjoy a spa session combined with a millenary relaxation method: the hammam. Used by traditional oriental cultures, the hammam provides a mixture of high temperatures and moisture, creating vapor that helps detox the body, while at the same time helping to purify the mind and soul.

After this refreshing session, it will be time for another special treat – wine therapy. You can exfoliate using grape seeds or take a bath in grape extracts, connecting with the one-of-a-kind essence of the Mendoza wine country. Combining this with relaxing and traditional massages, which use the finest selection of natural oils, helps your body feel extremely renewed and refreshed. Don’t miss out on this unique experience with Condor Travel in one of the most beautiful and unique places in all of Argentina.


Stone Balancing in Dorset with Stately Tours: Stone balancing is a little-known performance art that often has a powerful effect upon spectators. The intense mastery that is required to achieve a balance is truly mesmerizing and the connection that the artist has with the material is palpable.  During your trip through the United Kingdom with Stately Tours as your guide, find yourself on a secret beach on the Dorset coast. There, a local stone balancer will create a unique sculpture before your eyes and you may find it has a strangely calming influence on you.


Mountain Boot Camp with The Chedi Andermatt: TOP HILL retreats and The Chedi Andermatt have formed a unique collaboration to offer you the perfect five-day fitness program. Mountain Boot Camp will improve your health and strengthen your body in 2018 and is guaranteed to completely re-energize you! Your varied itinerary will be adjusted daily to incorporate a wide range of activities such as abdominal strengthening, back therapy, pilates and yoga.



Elewana Collection Collaboration with Healing Earth: Elewana Collection has teamed up with Healing Earth, a premium African spa brand, to enhance its spa offerings to their privileged guests! All Elewana Collection properties with spa or treatment areas now offer natural, organic Healing Earth spa products. In addition, Healing Earth has conducted training at each of these Elewana properties to ensure that the on-site spa therapists have the best training possible to create unforgettable experiences for guests!

So,whether you’re in the bush for a thrilling safari or getting sunkissed by the beach, ring in 2018 with a bang and feel rejuvenated in the New Year with a signature massage treatment using the finest Healing Earth products at Elewana Collection properties.


Rejuvenate at the New Forest Spa at Volcanoes Safaris Bwindi Lodge: After the extensive refurbishments of Volcanoes Safaris Bwindi Lodge undertaken in 2017, the ​construction of ​their new eco-spa is underway too​! The new Forest Spa will offer a tranquil wellness space where Bwindi Lodge guests will be able to relax and unwind. Opening in March 2018, the Forest Spa – surrounded by lush vegetation and filled with the soothing sounds of nature – is the perfect place to rejuvenate after gorilla trekking.

Guests looking for a couples spa treatment must experience the couples massage room, which directly overlooks the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest and offers a magical view. To compliment the beautiful scenery, the spa treatment products are created using lemongrass, tea, eucalyptus and other aromatic plants based on Forest Rituals from the lodge gardens.


The O2 Chair with Vintage House at The Spa at The Estate Yountville: The Spa at The Estate Yountville, where Vintage House is located, was the first spa in the US to offer the O2 Chair. The chair provides a host of positively rejuvenating benefits, particularly if, like most of us, you’ve just come through a stressful holiday season! The O2 Chair’s specific movement up the spine encourages the “breathe in” phase, while the “breathe out” phase encourages full release of the breath and discharge of toxins. The O2 Pure function increases oxygen intake as the chair provides an oxygen infusion while you sit back and relax. The tilt and swing of the chair takes you to a zero gravity position and then into an alpha brain wave state where your mind becomes clear. The Spa at The Estate in Yountville, Napa Valley offers this as ‘The Recovery Flight,’ along with a Knesko collagen eye mask for a 15 minute rejuvenating treatment, at $65 per session.


Feel Rejuvenated at Andronis Concept’s Kallos Spa: A visit to the Kallos Spa at Andronis Concept is about time for yourself and enjoying a journey in one of the most celebrated traditional wellness destinations on earth – Santorini. Kallos Spa has curated a selection of the most advanced beauty, grooming and health-enhancing treatments, uniquely tailored to guests’ needs. Whether it’s for a few hours or for the entire day, their therapeutic relaxation programs, two generous pools and a hammam area deliver the ultimate relaxation experience.


A Journey to Rejuvenation at The Chedi Club Tanah Gajah: The Chedi Club Tanah Gajah is an idyllic destination for a rejuvenating retreat. It is an oasis hidden among the lush and enchanting hills of the Ubud highlands and sits among thriving rice fields stretching as far as the eye can see.

Your rejuvenation journey at The Chedi Club Tanah Gajah begins with a soothing Ancient Balinese massage to release any tension in your body. Participate in the property’s daily yoga classes to continue restoring your body and mind. And be sure to enjoy the hotel’s daily afternoon tea and sunset cocktails offered to all guests to savor the local flavors and serenity of the property.