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  • Making a Difference

Central to JG Black Book’s mission of leading the world to inspired destinations is the belief that travel leads to a more connected, tolerant and peaceful world. By working to harness the power of the tourism industry and travelers themselves, we can ensure that the natural and cultural wonders that make these destinations so special are sustained for future generations to experience and learn from.

The members of our Collection share our interest in making a difference one a local and global level, and we are proud to highlight their efforts throughout this site. Additionally, JG Black Book is proud to support the following organizations:


The Bodhi Tree Foundation

The Bodhi Tree Foundation is dedicated to mobilizing travelers and the tourism industry to protect places, help people and support cultures around the globe, preserving them for future generations of travelers to experience. The Foundation offers assistance to highly-effective, community-based organizations with a proven record of inspiring positive change in the areas they serve.

JG Black Book is the official Foundation Partner of The Bodhi Tree Foundation and underwrites 100% of all operating and administration costs of the organization, insuring that every dollar donated goes directly to the initiatives that need it most.

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The S.A.F.E. Campaign

With over 35,000 elephants killed annually for their ivory, the elephant population in Africa has been depleted by 90% in the last 50 years alone. Recognizing this crisis, The Bodhi Tree Foundation recently launched The S.A.F.E. Campaign. The S.A.F.E. Campaign aims to galvanize and unite travel businesses, organizations, and travelers to raise awareness about the current plight of Africa’s elephants and the impact poaching and the ivory trade has on the future of tourism in Africa.

The integrated campaign includes social media, industry events, sponsored advertising and screenings, luncheons and forums where travel industry can connect with conservation organizations and learn more about their work.

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