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7 of the JG Black Book Collection’s Top Luxury Amenities and Services

At JG Black Book, we appreciate the finer things in life – and so do our Collection Members. That’s why they are constantly exceeding expectations with their wide-range of exclusive luxury amenities and services, like Ski Butlers who heat your boots in the morning or helicopter shuttles that provide a fascinating and fast way to travel through the Alps. Read on to learn more about 7 of our favorite luxury amenities provided by the JG Black Book Collection.


Bawah Reserve

Located in the Anambas, Indonesia, Bawah Reserve is surrounded by a beautiful crystalline ocean. The tranquil waters are protected by the layout of the islands, allowing guest to enjoy pristine conditions in the water to explore the colorful corals and bountiful marine life. Guests are encouraged to paddle through these waters on their transparent kayaks, giving them a front-row view to the underwater world without ever getting wet! Be on the look-out for turtles, black tip reef sharks, and bump head parrot fish. It’s really is the perfect way to explore the reserve and all of its natural beauty.

Photo credit: @gyspylovinlight 


Andronis Exclusive

Andronis Exclusive is always exceeding expectations by offering special services for their beloved guests, like their private helicopter flight from Santorini to Mykonos! It’s a great chance for guests who want a short visit in beautiful Mykonos to indulge in a shopping spree at the best luxury boutiques, like Louis Vuitton, Hermes, and Dsquared2, all while being accompanied by the hotel’s shopping concierge service. Now that sounds luxurious!


The Chedi Andermatt

During the winter season, every guest of The Chedi Andermatt can enjoy the unique service of the hotel’s Ski Butlers. After check-in, guests hand over their winter equipment to the Ski Butler team, who then prepare everything for the guests experiences out on the slopes of Ski Arena Andermatt-Sedrun. Every morning, the Ski Butlers will preheat all guests’ boots, provide updates on the snow and weather conditions, and then drive guests to one of the two ski stations in Andermatt. Now, how’s that for pampering?


47 Boutique Hotel 

Fall is probably the most romantic of all seasons in Rome and the perfect time to explore the outdoors beyond the main attractions. And what better way to take in the city’s beauty than with a stay at 47 Boutique Hotel in one of their rooms on the highest floor, complete with a private terrace and wonderful views? Guests can also enjoy private car transportation to and from the main airports, personal VIP check-in, and a bottle of Franciacorta Prosecco. For even more magical moments, 47 Boutique Hotel offers guests a butler service that provides a candlelight dinner in the privacy of their own balcony, overlooking the most ancient temple of the Eternal City. To learn more, please click here.


Giardino Hotels

Would you like your hotel arrival to be a spectacular event? Or maybe you’re running short on time or heading out to a remote mountain region. No matter your need, Giardino Hotels will fulfill it with their Mountain Flyers helicopter shuttle service. Whether single- or twin-engine, an Airbus helicopter or an Agusta, an air taxi is arguably the fastest and most fascinating way to travel the Alps. From the airport to the hotel, from hotel to hotel, or as a spectacular means of embarking on a heli-ski tour, your travel times will be cut by up to 75%! For additional information, please click here. 


Azura Benguerra Island

Azura Retreats offers many luxurious amenities and services, but the most impressive is their butler-host service. Trained in the art of attentive, yet discreet service, their butler-hosts have mastered the art of anticipating your needs and remembering your preferences – two elements that take a vacation from good to great. While Azura guests appreciate this high level of service, what they really love is the imagination and attention to detail that each butler-host brings. From finding a unique and private location for your evening meals each night to putting thought and attention to detail in the decor and arrangement of tables, they make your stay at Azura Benguerra Island that much more magical!  The very embodiment of the butler-hosts’ warmth and hospitality is a large part of what makes a holiday with Azura Retreats unforgettable, and the reason why many guests return.


Elewana Collection

Famous for the breathtakingly-impressive Ngorongoro crater, Elewana The Manor at Ngorongoro is a part of the volcanic mountain highlands of northern Tanzania, a UNESCO World Heritage Site which unofficially marks the crater as the eighth wonder of the world. Here, guests can experience a new way of dining with an exclusive, catered private lunch at the Ngorongoro Crater. This lunch is a glamorous African affair, with an indulgent BBQ station prepared by the chefs and a bush bar offering a variety of tasty cocktails. Following the extravagant lunch, guests will be able to unwind on a carpeted pillow lounge. The day ends with a leisurely afternoon game drive back to the manor.