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7 Wellness & Spa Offerings from the JG Black Book Collection

In need of restoration and relaxation? There’s no better way to indulge in yourself than by enjoying the spa and wellness services offered at resorts and hotels. And luckily, the JG Black Book Collection has some exclusive offerings for luxury globetrotters. Read on for seven of the most luxurious spa experiences around the world.

Giardino Hotel Group

In the dipiù Spas, part of the Swiss Giardino Hotel Group in Zurich, Ascona and St. Moritz, you can look forward to more than simple relaxation. Immerse yourself in a world of equilibrium, beauty and vitality – all inspired by nature. From classic and therapeutic massages to highly effective treatments and modern lifestyle therapies, the dipiù Spas offer a multi-faceted range of services, all wrapped up with professional consulting and premium treatment products tailored to your personal skin type and physique. Sauna oases, gym facilities, Ayurvedic practices, yoga and meditation, spa suites and rest and relaxation areas round off the experience. Nature is at the heart of everything. It not only provides inspiration for the spas but is also a vital part of dipiù Cosmetics.

“di più” is an Italian phrase meaning “more”. Accordingly, the dipiù brand represents more innovation, more professionalism and more Mediterranean dolce vita. The extensive range of services from the dipiù Spas and the specially developed dipiù Cosmetics line aim to foster our inner sense of well-being and also our outer beauty. The massages, facial treatments and cosmetics line are all inspired by nature and its harmonizing effect. The products have been developed in cooperation with highly qualified dermatologists and the Ticino vintner Meinrad C. Perler from the Tenimento dell’Ör vineyard. They are based on Merlot wine, grapeseed, olive and almond oil, chestnut honey and various herbs.


The Chedi Muscat

Overlooking the graceful Long Pool, The Spa at The Chedi Muscat is a sophisticated oasis by the beach, featuring holistic therapies designed to restore vitality, balance and spirit to the mind and body. The 800 sqm Asian-style spa, located on the first floor, is a luxurious center of relaxation and serenity. At the Zen-inspired spa, visitors retreat into a world of understated elegance, enveloped by a soothing peacefulness, as they relax under the healing touch of trained therapists in one of the 13 beautifully appointed suites. The Spa embraces eastern philosophy with Asian oriental rituals and also offers an extensive variety of beauty rituals based on the holistic principles of aromatherapy, Ayurveda and herbalism.

47 Boutique Hotel

The 47 Boutique Hotel cares about guests’ comfort and relaxation for the body, spirit and soul.  At the wellness area of 47 Boutique Hotel, guests can enjoy a relaxing Turkish bath, just as the ancient Romans loved. Turkish baths favor the drainage of liquids and the elimination of toxins, increase the oxygenation of the body, tone the tissues and make the skin more luminous. They are useful for achieving a toning effect and reducing stress. Access to the hotel’s wellness area is completely free for all hotel guests and is open every day from 6.00AM to 10.00PM.

The Chedi Andermatt

At The Chedi Andermatt, allow yourself to be enchanted by a unique symbiosis of luxury and wellness in the heart of the Swiss Alps and escape from your daily routine! A Balinese Oriental Ritual and a delicious 4-course dinner are just the beginning of immersing in another world.

Gangtey Lodge

Experience true relaxation and immerse yourself in a wellness experience with Gangtey Lodge in Bhutan. There is no better place to escape the stresses of life, surrounding yourself in the beauty and wonder of nature, enjoying a gentle hike, an in-room deep tissue massage, and then later, drifting into a hazy slumber as you ease into the healing waters of their Bhutanese Hot Stone bath. 

Elewana Kilindi Zanzibar

Tucked away in a peaceful corner of  Elewana Kilindi Zanzibar’s tropical gardens, embark on a Spa journey and discover a place of profound peace. Reflecting its picturesque island setting and inspired by natural elements, the spa at Elewana Kilindi Zanzibar offers a range of treatments in a serene and elegant setting to improve well-being and enhance relaxation.

Treatments accomplish a balance found only through the care of all aspects of body, mind and spirit – from the fundamentals of our being to the freedom and flow of our spirits and energies. Within the tranquility and serenity of luscious surroundings, with the sounds of the waves in the background, you will find joy in your heart and peace within your soul. Elewana Kilindi Zanzibar has created spa programs and treatments to suit all guests’ needs, using only pure, organic botanicals and indigenous plant extracts are used.

Sheldon Chalet

Immerse in the heat of Sheldon Chalet’s cedar sauna after an invigorating day exploring ice caves and crevasses on the glacier. An epic view of the tallest peak in North America is right through the sauna window. Sip a beverage chilled with pristine glacier ice as you inhale therapeutic Alaskan evergreen tree essential oil. Get your “after-sauna glow” – Alaska style.