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Chiloé: The Enchanted Archipelago of Chile Quasar Expeditions

Valid for travel from: Apr 14, 2017 to Dec 31, 2017
Package available from: Apr 14, 2017 to Dec 31, 2017

The Chiloé archipelago of Chile enchants visitors with its hospitality, traditional houses on stilts, steaming seafood stews cooked in the ground and the mythical figure of the Thrauco. The Spanish conquerors were awed by the beauty of this chain of islands, as were the Jesuit missionaries and the various groups of European colonists who landed here centuries ago. Today, Chiloé is home to several UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and attracts travelers seeking to immerse themselves in the island’s magical culture, where nature and tradition have been maintained over centuries.

Chiloé’s irregular geography has created stunning landscapes: to the east, green hills and tranquil waters; and to the west, the immense and powerful Pacific Ocean that pounds the rocks of the coast. This is the scene of the rich biodiversity, which impressed Charles Darwin in the 19th century. This exuberant nature, home to species such as the “mountain monkey”, the Andean antelope (pudú), as well as trees such as the native Ulmo, Conifer, Cinnamon Laurel, and Chilean Beech, give way to one of the most beautiful destinations in the longest country of South America.

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Starting at: US $1,063/Person

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