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Virtuous Moments is a luxury travel expert based in Chile at the foothills of the majestic Andes mountain range. We are a highly qualified team of destination specialists who are truly committed to designing bespoke encounters throughout the country including Easter Island and Antarctica.

If you are looking to visit Chile and seeking for guides that are way more than just guides but local personalities full of stories and local knowledge to share. We approach travel on a different perspective offering the opportunity to slow down and take in something truly authentic and endemic of our culture.

Avoiding mainstream tourism and seeking out experiences for travelers who resonate with real local life. You will visit each of our destinations as a local and not a tourist. At VM, we aim to exceed your expectations at all times. Therefore, we offer encounters that no other agency in Chile could dream off.

The Destination


Chile is one of the most diverse and fascinating countries in the world. The country in the south end of Latin America is often referred to as the longest country in the world. Indeed, Chile is over 4000km long and only 440km wide. Through this extraordinary shape of the country, Chile hosts at least seven major climatic subtypes leading to a unique diversity of flora and fauna. As such, Chile has a lot to offer: from geysers and Flamingo-lagoons in the Atacama desert in the North to the cosmopolitan cities of Santiago and Valparaíso in the center, across the volcanoes and beautiful hiking routes in the Lake District and finally to the breathtaking mountains and glaciers in Patagonia. There is something unique for every taste and weather preference.

The Atacama Desert is located in the very north of the country and is known as one of the driest places on earth. It is truly a place out of this world and unlike any other place. The snow-topped volcanoes of almost 5000m on the horizon seem unreal behind the colorful lagoons full of pink flamingos or the many steaming and sizzling Tatio Geysers. We invite our visitors to explore this extraordinary destination and see the glittering purple sunset in the Valle de La Luna or count shooting stars in the crystal clear nights.

The Chilean capital is located in the center of the country. On VM’s unique guided city tours our visitors can experience the rich history of the city and discover the urban life first-hand. From Santiago it is only a stone’s throw to the skiing resorts in the east or the numerous vineyards and long shoreline and beaches in the west. We recommend exploring the hills of the seaport of Valparaíso and experiencing the unique atmosphere of this alternative, colorful and graffiti-sprayed city.

Further south, one can explore the Lake District, a region with beautiful lakes, fertile forests and pristine rivers. The snow-capped Volcanoes offers great skiing and hiking, other options are rafting and fly-fishing in the beautiful national parks dominating the region. But it is also a great place to relax and rejuvenate in one of the many hot springs.

Heading down to the very tip of Chile one can experience the vast untouched nature of Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego. Even though these locations are wild and untamed, they still incarnate a certain tranquility and peacefulness. Furthermore, Chile’s most famous National Park Torres del Paine is a true hiker’s paradise with its stunning glaciers, sparkling waterfalls, emerald lakes, windswept planes and pointy cliffs. For an even more isolated and exotic experience, VM also organizes expeditions cruises and private plane charters to Antartica.

Beyond these striking landscapes, it is also the warm-heated people of Chile that will make your trip a unique experience. With VM you can experience Chile off the beaten track and get to know the intriguing Chilean culture from an insider perspective. Even though Chile is such an attractive travel destination it remains a well-kept secret that is not overrun by tourists. Therefore, it is the ideal place for an individual and unique travel experience. VM will create a luxury vacation tailored to your needs that will let you discover the hidden treasures and popular hot spots of this fascinatingly beautiful country.



Because of our vast network and local knowledge of the travel industry, we are able to propose unique and exclusive travel arrangements for our guests in Chile. We are constantly updating our handpicked portfolio of the finest luxury and boutique hotels, private homes, expedition cruises and authentic traditional villas throughout Chile.

Absolutely exceptional by their architecture and interior design, our selected accommodations offer the inspiration that our travelers seek during their travels. Overlooking some of the most picturesque locations in the world, our portfolio of hotels offers unparalleled luxury in the most dramatic settings. From vast alpine Patagonia’s pristine lakes surrounded by high-peaked mountains to elegant retreats in the cosmopolitan cities of Santiago and Valparaiso, all the way up north to the deserted altiplanic sand dunes in the Atacama desert, these hotels are completely diverse and one-of-a-kind in every single aspect.



The different encounters proposed by VM Elite have been specially designed to transmit the true sense of the Chilean culture and its traditions to our international visitors.

On our cultural and historical tour of the city of Santiago and its iconic buildings our historic political specialist will accompany the guests on a journey through the city, imparting historic knowledge. We have prepared an exclusive and unique experience for our travelers who are interested in visiting the most important government buildings in the history of Chile.

We organize wine tours and tastings at prime wineries and vineyards located in the most characteristic valleys and terroirs as well as horseback riding through the vineyard. We will guide you through the terroir of your choice, accompanied by a knowledgeable wine expert, who will compliment your winery experience with extensive knowledge of Chilean wine. An exceptional proposal in which two concepts are highlighted: exclusivity and luxury. The exclusivity comes with our access; we have developed tight bonds with family-owned vineyards and boutique wineries that open their doors in a special way, giving an authentic, luxurious and personalized tour.

Our encounters typically include holistic services such as reliable transportation, first-class accommodations, insightful sightseeing tours and other guided activities as well as exquisite typical Chilean gastronomy and wine tasting. Let us make your visit to Chile a truly unique and unforgettable experience!



It all started with the idea of connecting luxury travel products to travellers that expect extraordinary experiences. The founder of VM, Raul Buenaventura gathered vast knowledge of the luxury tourism industry during his time at the explora Hotels. After years of hearing about the lack of professional travel services in Chile, Raul decided to entrepreneur and create his own travel agency. This resulted in the design and creation of the most luxurious and inspiring travel designs thatChile has seen to date.

VM Elite offers a range of services that no other agency in Chile offers. For example, VM offers a Meet & Greet service at the SCL Airport allowing our travelers to access the express customs and immigration without having to queue. Furthermore, we offer a VIP Lounge at the airport for exclusive guests. Here, we escort our guests to the private lounge while we arrange their immigrations and customs paperwork. These services are completely unique and have been unseen in Chile prior to VM.

The next characteristic that sets VM apart from the ordinary agency is that we are transportation specialists. This means that we have access to the most luxurious and functional vehicles and cooperate with the best drivers to get our customers wherever they have to go reliably and safely. Helicopters are not the only mode of transport, where VM Elite stands out. We also offer amazing helicopter rides over vineyards, Chile’s coast or Patagonia’s fjords. With VM nothing is impossible. In fact, we even hire private jets and planes to turn our customers’ wildest dreams into reality.

Anticipating the demand of today’s discerning traveller for a complete lifestyle experience, Virtuous Moments unites the fanciest accommodations, the best restaurants, the most extraordinary adventure tours, the most knowledgeable destination specialists, and the coolest hot spots to create each of our customers’ ideal travel experience.



VM Elite architects and designs luxury travel experiences in Chile. We truly believe that the experience of a lifetime takes a lifetime of experience to be able to exceed out customer’s expectations.

Our R&D department creates absolutely unique moments every single day. We will design, plan and tailor your itinerary from scratch, applying our deep local knowledge and true inspiration. Tailor-made to match your personal interests, hobbies and preferences making sure that your journey is a once in a lifetime authentic experience.
Our invaluable network of the best accommodations, restaurants and transportation services is what makes our journeys different. We know all the best places in Chile and are happy to share our knowledge of them with our customers. Our knowledge is indeed what makes VM stand out. Before adding a new operator to our network we vigorously test them and make sure that they fulfill all of our expectations. That way, we can assure you the best experience possible.

We have organized a wide range of bespoke experiences for corporations and individuals or groups: from helicopter tours over the vast landscapes of Chile, flyfishing adventures in the Patagonian waters all the way to company events and gourmet wine tasting. We’re passionate about seamlessly delivering the ultimate encounter, guaranteeing that you will remember all of our bespoke experiences or cultural events for years to come.

Making a Difference


VM is committed to responsible travel and true sustainability. It was a commitment that formed the company when it was first established, and today, in the face of a multitude of threats to the environment, our commitment is stronger than ever. Therefore, we focus on designing environmentally friendly journeys for our customers.

We are truly dedicated to mobilizing travelers and the tourism industry at large to protect places, help people and support local cultures around the globe, preserving them for future generations of travelers. VM offers assistance to community-based organizations with a proven record of inspiring positive change in the areas. The last couple of years Vm has developed a close relationship with “Conservación Patagónica”.

Conservacion Patagonica works to create national parks in Patagonia that save and restore wildlands and wildlife, inspire care for the natural world, and generate healthy economic opportunities for local communities.

We love Patagonia: it’s one of the wildest places left on Earth, where there’s a chance to protect ecosystems at scale and demonstrate how conservation can benefit communities. Yet this region has come under attack, as outside industries seek to exploit these precious natural resources for short-term gain. Looking globally, we see that the loss of biodiversity and the destruction of ecosystems threaten to eliminate thousands of species and destabilize the ecosystems on which humanity depends. As conservation biologists affirm, our best shot at reversing this trend is to protect large tracts of habitat areas, recover damaged ecosystems, and work with local communities.