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  • Drink Up: A Q&A with Sommelier & Winemaker Thomas Perez

    It’s not every day that  world-class sommelier, winemaker,  and cocktail connoisseur takes time out of their very busy day... Read More
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    Let’s take a trip to Southeast Asia, where exotic fruits grow, majestic temples stand, and where plenty of fun... Read More
  • Homes Around the World with onefinestay

    Sometimes it’s nice to feel at home when you’re away from home, and even a lavish, over-the-top hotel doesn’t... Read More
  • Bartender Friday with the GHM Hotels

    It’s 5 o’clock somewhere, right? Well this friday, we’re gearing up for warm weather, a few rooftop parties, and... Read More
  • May Newsletter Recap: Special Suites & Villas

    We’ve always been of the school of thought that we should spend more on experiences and not things. Travel... Read More
  • Photo Friday: New Partner Showcase

    With the seasons changing, there’s no better time to warm up to some of the great things happening here... Read More
  • Exploring the BVI: Our Top 5 Must-Dos for Your Caribbean Journey

    Now, we don’t know if you know this but the British Virgin Islands, aka BVI, is comprised of 60... Read More
  • Photo Friday: Turks & Caicos Luxury at West Bay Club

    Clear turquoise waters. Conch in every variation. Rum punch? Are you thinking what we’re thinking? I hope so, because... Read More
  • JG Stories: Cabo San Lucas Luxury

    When Hurricane Odile hit the  Baja California peninsular last year, the destruction left a lot of hotels and properties in reconstruction... Read More
  • Photo Friday: JG’s Top 5 Traveler’s Choice Destinations

    Thanks to TripAdvisor, we now know the best destinations around the world to visit, and we couldn’t wait to... Read More
  • TripAdvisor Announces 2015 Travellers’ Choice Awards for Destinations

    As if we didn’t have the longest bucket list of extraordinary destinations to consider this year, but maybe we’ll... Read More
  • Adventure in the Alps: Travel Agent Leadership Council 2015

    Each year, we gather together the greatest minds and leaders in the travel industry for a few days of... Read More
  • March Newsletter Recap – Art & Design

    Being part of the JG Black Book Collection means appreciating the finer things, and having a taste for all... Read More
  • Sky High: A Q&A with Balloons over Bagan

    Ever since we partnered with Eastern Safaris, owners of Gangtey Goenpa Lodge and Balloons over Bagan, we at JG... Read More
  • JG Stories: On the Road to Switzerland

    With so many ski destination to choose from, we thought we thought we’d let our very own Maureen Kim... Read More
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    You know what goes really well with a day in the office? Music. We at JG Black Book love... Read More
  • Brrr, It’s Cold Out Here – Our Top 6 Warm Weather Hotspots

    It may be a sunny New York but it’s a FREEZING New York today and we at JG Black... Read More
  • The Best of Bhutan: A Q&A With Co-Founder and Owner of Gangtey Goenpa Lodge

    In october of last year, Forbes contributor, Larry Olmstead wrote a piece about the Happiest Place in Asia (arguably... Read More
  • The World Is As Big Or As Small As You Make It

    Our Founder and CEO, Jena Gardner says that travel is about “experiencing the authentic, the genuine, and even the... Read More
  • Photo Friday: A Few Reasons You Should Probably Visit Africa

    Africa. Some call it the motherland. Some call it the most beautiful place on earth. Even may be the... Read More
  • The Gem of St. Kitts – The Newly Opened Kittitian Hill

    Listed on New York Times’ list of “52 Places to Go in 2015″, St. Kitts is going to be... Read More
  • January Newsletter Recap – Honeymoon & Romantic Travel

    Although Valentine’s Day will soon be upon us, we think it’s always a good idea to celebrate love throughout... Read More
  • Stories from JG: Our 2015 Travel Bucket List

    Holiday travel is over, and we at JG Black Book have started to plan for a new year of... Read More
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    A New Year, Some New Partners!

    It’s always great to start the new year refreshed, rejuvenated, and full of excitement. That’s how we’re feeling over... Read More